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    Xena MOTUC style

    Hi there! Been a long time Had a blast making this and wanted to share. I always wanted to make a better Xena figure knowing that the 1998 figures armor was removable. I never found the right body to transplant her onto until i had a spare She-Ra and removed her dress. Her face was also perfect and I thought I had a winner. I apologize in advanced for the blurry pics of the work in progress. I did not get access to a better camera till much later on in the project

    I had to cut her hair into parts and add hair from a WWE diva figure, then used green stuff to fill in all the gaps. Green stuff was also used for the gap between her front and back armor on her left and right sides. I did 2 layers for the sides then sanded it down to be sooth looking and added more straps to cover the gaps in the skirt. I hand sculpted the arm bands and cuffs and replaced She-Ra's feet from the shin down with the Xena feet. I was lucky that the 6 inch Xena's proportions we exaggerated a bit because everything fit really well. Used basic acrylics and spray matte sealer.

    My MOTUC figs are all at work on my it will be a bit before i can have Xena and She-Ra duke it out
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    Fantastic work! I'm amazed that Xena dress even fits her. Good idea and great execution.

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    Very nice. I like it.

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    Wow! Thats absolutely stunning!
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    that is so cool. Xena was one of my fave shows many years ago (actually it still is as I have the complete series on dvd) and I would love to see a fig of Xena that looks like that in stores for me to purchase

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