Ok...after playing it A LOT...I have my review.

Style: 5/5. The look and feel of this game is perfect for what it is. It's a campy take on MOTU and I am completely ok with it as this is just a small mobile game.

Gameplay: 4/5. At first I was a little disappointed due to the very repetitiveness of it but as you move through the game, and upgrade your moves, the repetitiveness kind of goes away and you can do different combos so it's just not "slash everything randomly."

Controls: 2/5. Very difficult and non responsive. I gave it two stars due to the set up and "idea" of the controls but it's so low due to how it actually turned out. I have a problem with the jump and attack being on the same thumb. The left thumb should've been all of your "moving" controls while the right thumb should've been all of your attacks. I find myself trying to jump (especially on the Mer-Man boss stage) and just slashing instead.

Story: 3/5. I may be just being picky because it's so simple but I do have to keep reminding myself that it's a mobile game and the idea of those games is to just be able to pick them up and play.

Worth it? Yes...but don't think this is a perfect game...it's difficult to control and you're going to find yourself aggravated with it just because it's not doing what you want it to do. Sadly, this is the only gripe I have with it but it's a big aspect of the experience and it really ruins it for me.