As of late I've been chasing down figures to complete an Evil Horde collection. I have come across close to a handful both of Mantenna and Hurrican Hordak having the swivel waist joint but no spring action. For the first couple of figures I figured they were just broken (happens from time to time) but by the now fifth Mantenna I've begun to wonder wether I'v just been unlucky or if they never had a spring installed.
I just cracked open an already destroyed Skeletor and seeing how the spring was installed in a standard torso I figure that haven't been possible at least with Mantenna and Hurricane Hordak. I figure Snout Sprout for his build also did not have this action. Quite honestly I do not remember these details form childhood though I did have, I think, all of the mentioned figures.

Other than the figures which had no swivel waist joint, were there any figures that did not have the spring action feature, as in simply just a loose swivel joint?