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Thread: Battle Station, Stactions, Bootlegs. Factory sealed 6 packs, Mossman

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    Prices reduced. Battle Station, Stactions, Bootlegs. Factory sealed 6 packs, Mossman

    I have a bunch of 200X items for sale. I only ship within the lower 48 States and I accept paypal. All the prices listed include shipping costs. I have bought and sold many figures on the org over the past few years. I will provide pictures for anyone who is interested. If you have any questions please ask.

    The first item is a Battle Station still in the box. The box is in average condition and I can pop it open to be sure everything is there. I am asking $50 shipped.

    Battlestation $50 shipped within the US.

    I also have some Stactions for sale. I am asking $20 shipped per staction except for Evil Lyn and Sorceress. I am asking $25 shipped for Evil Lyn and Sorceress. I will list what I have below.

    $20 shipped
    Clawful X2
    Clamp Champ
    Snout Spout X2
    Tung Lasor

    $25 shipped
    Evil Lyn

    I have two of the larger bootleg figures. I am asking $20 each shipped. Their packages show some wear but are not trashed.

    $20 shipped
    Spin Blade Skeletor

    I have four sealed boxes from Mattel that contain 6 figures each. These figures are sealed in a Mattel shipping box with a code B1509-966A if that means anything to you. I have never opened these boxes and I am not sure what figures are included. I am asking $75 per box of sealed figures shipped.

    $50 shipped
    Mattel factory sealed pack of 6 figures. I have 4 of these.

    I have 3 copies of the Toyfair Moss Man figure. The white mailer boxes are open but the figure packaging is unopened. I am asking $25 shipped per figure.

    $25 shipped
    Toyfair Moss Man
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