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Thread: MOTUC helmet/headpiece swapping?

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    MOTUC helmet/headpiece swapping?

    In anticipation of the new Great Unrest Weapon Pak, I ordered another Snake Man-At-Arms and swapped out the head for the moustached version that came with the original variant of the Man-At-Arms figure in 2009. Along with that upcoming 200X-inspired arm cannon from the weapon pak, I've got an almost perfect 200X inspired Man-At-Arms for my MOTUC display. I say almost, because the helmet of the original release and the SMAA variant aren't quite the same, the latter being slightly resculpted and featuring paint apps that more closely compliment those of the rest of the SMAA figure. I'd like to somehow get the SMAA helmet on the moustached MAA's head. The helmets on both of 2009 MAA's heads and SMAA's head all look like separate pieces gluded onto an otherwise bald head. I'm tempted to try and pry them off, but I don't want to ruin my figures either. Has anyone tried this yet with good results? It seems easy enough to do, provided the glue gives before any of the plastic rips or tears.

    For the curious, the clean-shaven MAA head went back on the 2009 MAA body, for a great "vintage toy" MAA for my "alternate versions" shelf, along with other variants like yellow skin Evil-Lyn, and the myriad of different He-Man, Skeletor, and She-Ra versions.
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