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Thread: Grayskull Guides revisited.

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    Grayskull Guides revisited.

    Last year about this time, I made a suggestion about starting a kids' group, a la Boy and Girl Scouts, but with a MOTU theme.

    "Grayskull Guides"

    I was actually serious about the idea, but think people took it as a tongue-in-cheek gag. Well, after the recent news about the BSA denying a scout his Eagle rank because he revealed he was gay, I think it's time to reconsider this. I have a 3 1/2 year old son, and although I don't want him to miss out on the experience, I'd hate for him to lose everything he worked for if he revealed he was different in any way. Yes, there are alternatives to Boy Scouts, but almost all of them are religion/faith based. The Grayskull Guides would be complete non-discriminatory with regards to race, gender, religion, handicap, sexual preference, social class, etc. The Guides would teach kids the same types of skills and values as many other groups, without the biases and prejudice brought in by religion.

    I'm thinking of designing and having a badge produced to start. An "Everyday He-Ro" badge for forum members to hand out when they see a kid (or even an adult!) doing something to help someone. We can give them the badge, attached to a flyer or card with a web address telling about the Guides.

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    I'd love to see something like this. It could almost be like a natural extension of the morals from the Filmation show. I wouldn't know how you could get something like this going, but if you could manage to get Mattel's blessing on this, I'd like to see how far you could take the idea.
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    I really like your idea!

    (Yet I wouldn't be keen at all of Mattel involvement.)
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    A very interesting idea. Are kids familiar enough with MOTU in the US to make this appealing?

    I think you'd run into major licensing problems with Mattel though.

    How refreshing to hear about a project for kids encouraging openmindedness and tolerance instead of subjecting them to religious brainwashing. Kids need to be taught about objective and critical thinking.
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