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Thread: He Man Circus Theme original?

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    He Man Circus Theme original?

    hi, I've come across some music which seems to be the main influence for the circus theme in Filmation's MOTU. It's either an influence or a total coincidence, but I'm betting that it the MOTU theme has been somewhat copied from this original tune. It's not exact, and the main body of the song doesn't really resemble it, but at the 0:03 second mark is a part of the tune which is just about identical, meaning that the MOTU music writers (Haim and Shuki) were influenced by music already existing. Check this out, it's very interesting!

    (Mods forgive me if I can't link the song here, if not, feel free to delete it, but I thought this would be very intruiging)

    here is the youtube link:

    - - - Updated - - -

    on a side note, I'll try to get the name of this exact song.


    I have another song hidden away somewhere on my hard drive which is the exact same case- it's an older song (1970s-ish) which sounds so darn close to another MOTU theme. It's one of the main He-Man themes. It was definitely an influence for one of the Filmation tracks, infact when I first heard it years ago I thought right away wow, what a rip-off Filmation was for copying this tune... I don't know what chance I have of actually ever finding it, but I will try and post it up here again.

    Proof that Haim/Shuki were at times "borrowing" sections of their music...

    - - - Updated - - -

    ok, sorry, here's the update.

    Here is the youtube link to the entire song, with the name of it. The first video gets right to the part that's borrowed, the second video is the whole thing.

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    This theme is in Dawn of the Dead, being a zombie I know this.

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