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Thread: Digital River Ordering/Billing/Renewal/Sub Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonWes View Post
    I haven't bothered to go through my past charges yet, but it seems as though the extra charges being for last month is what is happening. They really should give customers a heads-up. I monitor my bank account online... and I don't always see what charges actually hit versus what falls off. So it would have been nice to know they were doing this.
    That's being kind. It's THEIR fault if they didn't charge adequately. Some people have a tight budget and then they arrogantly, without warning, do this. After 4 YEARS! After being hung-up on, being told my credit card info is changed (but, of course, come shipment time, it is not), email after email, etc.. This STILL happens. This is beyond "accidents sometimes happen." With such a horrendous track record for customer service, Mattel should be doing EVERYTHING to avoid this type of incident.

    I will be amazed if the "My sub" page is up before January, much less actually working right. Why is it that every other site can do this simply enough? But wait . . . it's our fault.
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