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Thread: Got my "Shipped" notification from Matty this AM...Itemization question.

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    Got my "Shipped" notification from Matty this AM...Itemization question.

    So my email receipt says...

    BHG92S Club Eternia 1 1
    1 $31.57

    00009-1120 BUNDLE USE ON 1
    1 1 $1.61

    1 1 $6.41

    Shipping: $11.99
    Tax: $2.60
    Total: $39.95

    Can anyone explain what the 2 "BUNDLE" charges are to me, please? Because, although I'm used to Matty/DR sticking it to us on shipping, I just cannot make sense of this.

    The three line items (CE+BUNDLE+BUNDLE) come up to $39.59
    Total minus Shipping and Tax equal $25.36

    None of the math works to make any sense.

    Somebody please explain this to me like I'm 5 years old...
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    It's for the shipping & tax (if applicable) for the Horde map & UNO.
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    I'm on the quarterly shipping and this is even more confusing....

    BHG27Q Club EterniaŽ 1 1 1 $28.17
    BHG28 BUNDLE USE ON 1 1 1 $28.17
    00009-1120 BUNDLE USE ON 1 1 1 $0.80
    BHG29 BUNDLE USE ON 1 1 1 $27.37
    BHG42 BUNDLE USE ON 1 1 1 $46.31
    BHG39 BUNDLE USE ON 1 1 1 $3.17

    Shipping: $18.99
    Tax: $0.00
    Total: $158.99

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    it is a joke. Honestly, I know that people on here might hate the "complaining of things" and i know that there is a "catch all thread" for that stuff, its easy to take voices and drown them out with each other. I am super frustrated right now.

    They claimed several months ago that I accidentally ordered 2 subs. I have never ordered two subs. They said that "oh, well WE cant change that" and this cat and mouse game of "matty collector" / "mattel" and "digital river" is a complete joke. they always say that the OTHER guy can do something, so many hands in the cookie jar. it really is sleezy, and i am really sick of it. I am happy that I have not ordered the mini subs, and I will not be ordering one ever again, or anything else in general from mattel directly.

    so, I finally got someone to cancel my second sub (several months ago, with a CONFIRMATION EMAIL) and guess what, selecting the quarterly shipping option, i just got my email, and its BOTH SUBS, the line items added up to like 130 plus shipping... but the total at the bottom was 300 dollars!!!! I called, and they played dumb, and "transferred me to the right branch, blah blah" went from white lady in cali, to india, or a guy with an indian accent, which is fine, but it was obviously an actual transfer, and yes it is frustrating when you are talking to someone in an accent other than your own, because there is a barrier there, and i have to have him repeat things, and he repeated things to me.... and he is like, yeah, they said you cancelled it, i dont know why it is reading 300 bucks......

    IF I GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM THE COMPANY, THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY ISSUES BELOW PERIOD. so frustrated, because i work in business, and customer service, and it is a complete joke. I dont care if no one can talk badly about mattel here, or whatever, it really is a joke. and those unable to admit it are fools. They feed off of people who do not check. that is how they work. what if i was a guy, like someone above, who checks line items, all they need is ONE person not to check, and boom, they make money. its simple. it should NOT BE UP TO ME TO MAKE SURE I AM NOT GETTING SCREWED, the guy said to me today, "just make sure you check YOUR BANK ACCOUNT" and i was like, DUDE, its YOUR FREAKING JOB TO CHANGE IN THE SYSTEM SO THAT IT DOESNT CHARGE ME 300 bucks, why the hell is that MY JOB TO CHECK IF YOU DO YOUR JOB??!?!?"

    I also asked, well, did you change it, so that this doesnt HAPPEN NEXT QUARTER?!?! guess what, he said he COULDNT. so in 3 months i have to play this same game. Its more sad that anything that this is what normal everyday business is with mattel. it should not be this hard whatsoever.

    vent over.

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