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What I've never understood is why they do the full amount as a pre-charge. I've seen other companies test the card with a 1 or 2 cent charge, but Matty is the only e-tailer I've dealt with that does this sort of thing every time.Is this normal for an etailer, or have I just been lucky?
Most companies are supposed to authorize the entire amount, its not a pre-charge its the actual charge just done in the two steps (authorization and charge)

But for most retailers that happens almost simultaneously, with DR it authorizes the full amount then that drops off and like 1-2 weeks later they charge the card for real.

Amazon will that as well, they did it to me actually last month when I bought some Monster High.

The 1 to 2 cent authorization you are talking about is common only when doing a pre-order or signing up for a service where they need to validate you have a functional credit card. Most e-tailers will never just authorize 1 cent if you actually order something that is shipping within 7 days.