Well I just got back. It was a lot of fun. We got to play the new iPad masters game. Which will be out in 2 weeks. It will be sold for $1.99. And it looks like fun. If you go to my Facebook page I took exclusive video of BCRDuke playing the game. They had 500 pieces do the TOD for sale with 5 different art prints. He-man, Skeletor, Hiss and 2 different Hordaks. also if you took a pic wearing an Orko hat and put it on Facebook they gave you a cool Tshirt with art work from the new game. Again check my fb page. And Toy Guru himself was there as well.

I took a pic of every thing. I will definitely get that up on this thread tommorow.

I walked away with a sweet pic of Skeley and Hordak fighting

BCRDuke walked away with the artwork on the second new min comic.

I'll get all the pics up on this thread tommorow.