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Thread: Tony Guerrero he-man

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    Tony Guerrero he-man

    Hi do any of you guys out there have a good close up pic of the Tony Guerrero prototype, I'm trying to make a custom head and the pics out there are kinda fuzzy,
    it looks like there's more detail around the red and blue gems on the front of the helmet, but its hard to see,
    also if he was release in classics what would his name be ?... maybe Guer-reror, or Alf-or as in Alpha- omega as he was the first sculpt.


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    There's a pretty decent close-up pic of his face in the Power and Honor Catalog.
    I'm not sure if we're allowed to post a scan of it though. Just pm me your email addie and I'll send you scans of the images they have of him there (about 2 pages worth).

    - - - Updated - - -

    I've received your PM and sent you the pics, sir.

    With regard to his name:
    1) Precur-sor
    2) Pre-man
    3) Fore-man
    4) Ancestorr
    5) Predecesorr
    6) Vancorior (from van-courier)
    7) Protassus (from Protasis)
    8) O-man (from Omen)
    9) Out rider
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