I'm willing to deal (within reason) if you are wanting to buy several TF 's. Just let me know what you want to buy. My prices aren't 100% set in stone, but they are all around the fair going rate (remember that shipping and tracking are including in my price).

As the title says, I've gotta sell my remaining G1 Transformers. Here's a list of what's available.

Prices include shipping within the US. US buyers only please. All are complete and in great shape unless otherwise noted...

Predaking - (Plastic version): $300
Trypticon - (loose/complete - electronics work/still walks good with very clean battery compartment - good paint/stickers - one of the backpack cannon joints is loose, but it can still be posed): $360
Overlord - (Japan/Europe exclusive, Japanese box included,
complete except for two small black missiles...
these are the same as Metroplex's missiles): $650
Megatron: $100
Skullcruncher: $100
Omega Supreme - (electronics work, mostly good stickers): $115
Blaster: $45
Ironhide: $40
Red Alert: $45
Skids - (play wear, chrome wear on weapons): $35
Warpath: $11
Gears - (some play wear): $9
Ramhorn: $20
Huffer: $12
Beachcomber: $13
Trailbreaker: $25 (missing double pronged missiles, some chrome wear on front, otherwise pretty nice)
Buzzsaw: $22
Rumble (red Rumble): $26
Lazerbeak: $26
Grapple: $40
Hoist: $40
Inferno: $45
Tracks: $50
Chopshop - (missing weapons): $15
Dirge: $40
Thrust - (missing small bombs, otherwise very nice): $35
Ramjet: $45
Hot Rod (minor sticker wear): $45
Rewind - (missing weapons): $14
Eject: $23
Rodimus Prime: $60
Decepticon Clones: $70
Battletrap: $10
Powermaster Optimus Prime: $55
Piranacon: $160
Needlenose - (missing back fin): $35
Bumblebee (Legends version...missing gun...some play wear): $12
Grotesque - (missing wings): $25

I can provide pics via email upon request. Just make sure to include an email address in your PM. Paypal is preferred for payment.

I've spent around 15 years building my collection, but this past year things changed pretty drastically in my life and I decided that I that I needed to sell my G1 Transformers. I've been selling them on message boards, ebay, and at local comic cons and toy shows since then. This is the remainder of what I have left to sell.

I didn't particularly want to sell them, but I'm in a position where I have to. Due to the time, money, and emotional investment I have in my G1 's, most of my prices are at the current going rate. If you are serious about wanting to buy everything, I can to negotiate a little with you, but understand that I can't take peanuts for my collection. And also understand that I'm not going to take half price for them just so someone else can resell them for close to, at, or higher than my asking price...ya know.

As stated above, prices include shipping within the US. US buyers only please.