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Thread: Action Figures - Captain Power, Rambo, Roger Rabbit, He-Man She-Ra Modulok MultiBot

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    Action Figures - Captain Power, Rambo, Roger Rabbit, He-Man She-Ra Modulok MultiBot

    Accepting offers of cash, money order, gifted paypal or trade. All except modulok and multibot will have little dirt on them which should come off fine. Follow the links for pictures. Sorry for so many, it's easier this way for me. I didn't post modulok and multibot in the other section because i wanted to post all the figures together.

    Please email secretdefender at warpmail dot net or reply here. Do not pm i might not see it since i don't log in much here.

    Updates adding: 2 stone people from she-ra, 12 soma military figures from 1987, 39 battle beasts, 22 army ants, 128 m.u.s.c.l.e. men

    Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future = I don't remember the characters names except for Captain Power, they are 2 Captain Powers both of which have a hole in the back for some reason originally that way, the cape on the guy and the wings of someone can come off, the wing person on the back there is hole for something originally there, 2 or 3 loose joints; accessories none except for captain powers gun and that mini sword, all together, will not separate

    Roger Rabbit - these are rubber and movement is very little, Jessica skirt can come off not rubber; it doesn't show anything if removed, accessories - 2 handcuffs and judge's cane and bird; i think maybe all accessories for these not sure; all together will not separate

    Rambo - from one of the first 3 movies likely part 2; accessories: none; backpack you see is incomplete and probably doesn't work the way it was originally for it's missing something; not looking for much on him

    Modulok and MultiBot from He-Man and She-Ra = In pieces, you put them together anyway you want to. All of the pieces are mixed up. They are 47 pieces which includes their guns. I think it's all there. Near Mint. The picture shows them in a container, this is just what i found them in it will not be sent. In it's 2nd picture i rotated the pieces so you can see different pieces.
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    Odd, i always received a email when someone replies to my topics this time i did not. I went to update this topic and found it. I have it checked to email me. The update is in edited in the 1st message.

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