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Thread: Happy Birthday He-Man

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    Happy Birthday He-Man

    I was looking for a thread to commemorate the 30th birthday of my favorite action figure. Here's an image to honor his muscle-bound legacy. Makes me feel so old!


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    That looks great!
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    Very cool. 30 years. Wow and to think I got my first two figures (Trap Jaw and Man-E-Faces) as a bribe to try hard in swimming lessons. Ha!

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    Perhaps I've missed the note, but what establishes today specifically as the 30th birthday? Did the first figures ship today? Or did Mattel just pick a date out of a hat for the 30th Anniversary Party Pak?

    (In my canon, the twins' birthday is and remains December 21st. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew L. Martin View Post
    Perhaps I've missed the note, but what establishes today specifically as the 30th birthday?
    I think Scott Neitlich has said something along the lines of toys being sold officially Oct 12th, 1982.
    Someone should check it with him.
    (As I remember some fans have said they could find toys in 1981 Dec already)
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    Happy birthday He-man. Thank you for giving us He-man, Skeletor, Castle Grayskull, Orko, and so much more.

    I think I'll spend the day watching He-man, reading the guide book by James Eatock, and organize my rather small action figure collection.

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