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Thread: Happy 30th birthday He-Man...

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    Happy birthday He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

    Thanks for grabbing my imagination & holding onto it for all these years.
    I want my other half.

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    Happy Birthay He-Man

    So if She-Ra is He-Mans twin sister how come she is saying she's only 27... Women!!

    These are from a fan made He-Man Facebook page

    If there's something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna' call? HE-MAN!!!!

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    So what was officially being celebrated yesterday? The actual ship or release date of the figures? The copywriting date? Overall creation date? They weren't specific.

    Very happy about it though just a bit bummed that MOTU isn't a bigger property or more well liked. But still glad we get figs again and so glad we have the Horsemen sculpting it again too!!
    Gaping holes in my collection: Regular old Teela, Weapons pack 1, Power & Honour book 1, SDCC artbook (maybe)

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    BTW, Does anybody knows the date of birth for Skeletor ?
    Quote Originally Posted by TUC138 View Post
    Hey, I may not get my Filmation Skeletor, *REMOVED*, Filmation Evil-Lyn or Filmation Sorceress 2.0............ BUT, Some Day.......... Somehow...... Mattel will give me the another variants of these same characters ! However, there is very little chance for your Kayo, or Kitrina or Vultak or any of your desired characters if you fail to support the 2.0's & variants in 2016.... or in the future !

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