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Thread: Frosta, Rattlor & Cy-Chop arrival thread

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    All mine came while I was on hols, the Rattlors looked a bit cold, so they went out to do something about it...

    If there's something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna' call? HE-MAN!!!!

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    I finally received my Frosta.

    And wow. On the plus side, the face is nicely painted and most of the hair is painted so that the translucent plastic isn't visible.

    On the negative side, the white paint really is grey. Not Teela white, but grey. It's such a bizarre choice. Also, I received two weak ankles, one warped ankle, two warped forearms (which might look better once I do the forearm swap) and a warped shield that is permanently misshapen thanks to the plastic ties. I'm still happy to have Frosta in my collection, but the figure is so far removed from the proto-type and so far below its full potential that it's a little disappointing.

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