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Thread: The Please Include Grayskull Robot/Torture Rack/ETC with Castle Grayskull Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by rankinman View Post
    Maybe that's the $50 quarterly, a two pack of the grayskull armor and the wind raider pilot.
    that would rock
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    I want him but I am okay if he doesn't come with the castle (which looks to be the case) since I'm sure we'll gett him separately somehow. Nobody mentioned this but wouldn't it be cool if the "astronaut" came out as a suit of armor that you could put on some of your other classics figures. If they went with this route then it could be included in another weapons pak set.

    Torture Rack
    If this doesn't come with the castle then who knows it might come with Snake Mountain since as some people have stated it doesn't seem to fit with Castle Grayskull.

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    This is something I would assume would come with the castle, especially if they don't include the torture rack.
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    I dont have to have it as an articulated figure necessarily, but I do want everything in at least some kind of 3D. I would be fine if they are vacuformed as long as they are sculpted! I hate sticker details or 2D cut-outs.
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