Glimmer +28
Mermista +22
Castaspella +21
Entrapta +15
Angella +8

Perfuma +5
Double Trouble +4
Peekablue +4
Kowl +4
Sweet Bee +3
Spinerella +2
Flutterina +2

Mermista has been usurped! Can the mermaid's fans save her this time? She might have to worry about Castaspella who is a vote away from tieing with her. Entrapta is doing seriously well in this Idol as the fourth current biggest character!

marndt8448, you can vote for Scorpia in Filmation Idol. This is for the vintage POP toyline.
He-Dude, She-Ra has already been made. Vote for someone from the vintage POP toyline.