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Thread: Lich Leech parts and figures trade thread - Oo-Larr, Jet Sled

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    Lich Leech parts and figures trade thread - Oo-Larr

    Have: gray Trap Jaw weapons

    Want to trade for: Black Roboto weapons (or really just the claw attachment).


    Have: Leech's Net

    Want to trade for: Hordak's red bat pet thing


    Have Oo-Larr (minus the vintage toy head) with spear and sword

    Looking to trade for Callix or Thunder Punch He-Man (loose/complete is fine, I don't need the mini comic)


    US only please, for people with some good feedback from prior deals, thanks!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I will have spare a Filmation Teela in November, on hold for user chocolatemoose, trading for MOC Mantenna

    - - - Updated - - -

    Updated with some new items!
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    Lich Leech feedback thread

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