View Poll Results: Are you OK with the scale of Castle Grayskull announced at NYCC?

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  • Yes, the scale is perfect!

    54 52.43%
  • Yes, a bigger CG would have been better but I’m OK as is

    37 35.92%
  • No, But I can’t afford a bigger CG, so it’s OK for me

    4 3.88%
  • No, I would have preferred a bigger one no matter the price (350$?)!

    8 7.77%
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Thread: Are you OK with the scale of Castle Grayskull announced at NYCC?

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    Dude, those are totally AWESOME pics! LOL, right??????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colder Soldier View Post
    It could always be bigger, but it's great for what it is.
    I agree. There were a lot of possibilities, but to keep the price point where it is, I am extremely happy and excited for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJRules View Post
    Dude, those are totally AWESOME pics! LOL, right??????
    Thanks! can try

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    I think the size will be perfect.
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    I'm fine with the scale.

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    Happy with what we,ll be getting just hope they dont decide to scale it sure there will be much outrage.

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