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Thread: NYCC Exclusives FOR SALE

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    NYCC Exclusives FOR SALE

    Hallmark Cylon (2 available) - $40 + exact shipping
    Hallmark Dark Knight Returns - $45 + exact shipping
    Hallmark Star Wars 4-LOM and Zuckuss - $55 + exact shipping
    Aardman Batman - $45 + exact
    DC Universe Jon Stewart and Atrocitus - $50 + exact
    Pop! Heroes Black Flash Vinyl Figure (2 available) - $45 + exact

    Mondo Posters:

    Shaun of the Dead (both versions)
    Kill Bill Beatrix
    Lord of the Rings Treebeard Variant

    Please PM if interested. Can ship within 2 days.


    I just want to get rid of this s*** gimme an offer and we can work something out
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