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Evan, do you know if your dad got it new or used?
I'm pretty sure that it was a new copy. Unfortunately I can't ask my dad directly, he died 4 years ago.

Meanwhile I've got a message from the ebayer. He said that he didn't try to rewind his tape after the last episode. Looks like we are in the deadlock here.

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For a second there, when the triangle is left alone on screen, I thought "Dark Side of the Moon" was going to start!
Hey, you are right. I didn't thought about this before. Maybe it's a kind of the "Pink Floyd" tribute from a "bored production dude"?
It may have more sense if "Pink Floyd" were an authors of this strange track in the middle. But as I know they are not. At least I don't remember this track in official discography. May it be unreleased track or something?