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Thread: Who do you feel was the most underdeveloped POP character?

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    Who do you feel was the most underdeveloped POP character?

    Everyone loves a good hero (or villain), however sometimes they get way too much limelight, and seemingly more interesting characters fall to the way side. So I'm curious as to who you feel was a severely under used character in POP?

    Octavia: I'm glad we are going to see her as a figure, however she was a 1 episode wonder, and that's too bad, because she was bad ass. with Sea Hawk being a popular male character and someone that Adora could have seen a real romance with, it would have been great if he had an arch nemesis at sea, and Octavia would have been perfect. So many different stories could have evolved from her, and there could have been a great Octavia/Mer-Man episode with a colossal sea battle between Sea Hawk, Mermista and the aforementioned villains. Octavia's origin was shrouded in complete mystery, but it could have been interesting if she was a cursed merfolk, or an entirely different species that was perhaps at war with the merfolk for control of the seas pf Etheria.

    Scorpia:Catra and Shadoweaver were awesome villains, however Scorpia was always my favorite Horde lady. She was so unlike any other female character in animated cartoons. She wasn't girly, or cunning, or jealous, she was just an outright goon. She didn't fear anyone, men included, and it would have been great for her to really get to flex some muscle. I cannot remember where it was mentioned (I think on one of the DVDs) that Scorpia was supposed to sting her enemies, and that it was nixed because it was considered too gruesome. I beg to differ. Having her sting and incapacitating her victims (or having them fall ill) and require She-Ra's healing powers would have been awesome to see. Also, if Filmation really wanted to send a message, they could have had Scorpia kill a villager, and the ending moral message could be about death and condolences. Might be a little heavier than 'stranger danger' messages, but hey, its just an idea. We did get to see that Scorpia had her own themed vehicle, and base of operations, but that was only once, and I don't believe it was ever revisited.

    Frosta Given the fact that she was Queen of her own realm (and unlike some of the other female rebels she possessed immense magical power), it would have been nice to see Frosta really flex her mystical muscle and engage the Horde head on. The icy kingdom wasn't explored, and there was so much potential to unlock the ancient secrets, frozen in time. Frosta could have been a far more active participant in the fight against the Horde. If we were given the chance to see the Horde actually conquer and enslave people other than the scrawny villagers of Thaymore would have been a refreshing twist. I personally would have loved to see them set up a base of operations in Frosta's kingdom and threaten her people. Their occupation of the Kingdom of Snows could have been a great little story arc. I guess this will be the work of fan fiction, unless we get some cool new POP media.
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