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Thread: 30th Ann figures and others for sale for cost

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    30th Ann figures and others for sale for cost

    Hello! I signed up for the 30th sub really wanting Photog and am thrilled to have him. Sadly, none of the other figures do anything for me. I'm looking to get these to a good home where they will be appreciated and only want cost plus shipping!

    I am also looking to trim some other MOTUC figures as I prioritize the vintage goodness.

    Battleground Teela
    Captain Glenn (SOLD)
    CyChop (SOLD)
    Green Goddess (NOT broken! still minty fresh on card!) SOLD
    Icarius/Flipshot (SOLD)
    Mighty Spector (SOLD)
    Sir LazerLot (SOLD)
    Preternia He-Man (SOLD)
    Snake Man-At-Arms (SOLD)

    Possibly more, I'll have to check!

    $20 each plus ACTUAL shipping, not inflated-to-make-a-buck shipping.
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