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Thread: Toy Tokyo website has TOD Sorceress for sale!

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    are people still missing TOD sorceress? Got mine from ToyTokyo, but I really should have waited for the sale and save a couple $$ on shipping. I have no idea of the stock numbers but it seems like TODS was well stocked. I think she never sold out on Matty's sales d apart from the fact that they can't put her up for sale forever so they have taken her off.

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    I posted in the waiting for TOD Sorceress to be processed from Matty thread, but thought I'd post here as well.

    As of this moment, Toy Tokyo has the TOD Sorceress in stock. $22 plus Matty prices for shipping. It's cheap if you buy one, but multiples will cost you double shipping costs. This is your chance if you missed the sale on Matty!!!!!
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