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Thread: Robowomen in MOTUC

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    Robowomen in MOTUC

    Robowomen Kinda reminds me of the gold robot from space balls, but is clearly using Granita boby without the rock armor and a New head, which makes for easy reusability if we were ever to get a Granita. She doesnt seem to have any weapon in the comic but does possess the ability to fly.
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    The moment i saw her i recognized her similarity to Granita.

    And in the WTFWTK section she was listed with guns snap into shoulders and legs features so i guess she would be similar to Rio Blast.

    I even noticed another little reference her head gear has a similar shape to NA Sorceress with those two little parts sticking up.
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    I'd love to get a Robowoman figure, I think she looks very cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niki View Post
    The moment i saw her i recognized her similarity to Granita.
    Wow! It's not just similarity, pretty much all the details line up! Looked at 'em side-by-side and the knees and "belt" section and the shoulders...all the same! Interesting.
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    Id like to see her as well.though I think a better name for her should be MECHANA

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    A female robot is a fun idea. But, I'm not a fan of her head design, which is the only unique thing about her. I also find it kinda lazy that her "gimmick" mimics one that another character already has. The name is kinda lackluster too, considering we already have "Roboto".

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    I like her. I'd take her. There's at least 2 subs worth of figures I'd rather have before her, but I'd take her.

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