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Thread: Opened my first MOTU Classic...Shokingly disappointed :-0

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    Opened my first MOTU Classic...Shockingly disappointed :-0

    I've been collecting since 2009 off and on depending how bills flow. I probably have around 30+ figs. Since I can only afford 1 of each, I've never opened them. The MOC collector in me likes how they come in a special white mailer box. Recently I bought He-man and Battle cat for the first time in the Party Pack sale...What a great deal Btw. So when they showed up yesterday my 3 year old daughter was asking to open them. I kinda had it in my head that since I got such a great deal I'd open them when they arrived anyways. Plus, I wanted to share with my daughter the toys that daddy played with so we shot about a 20 min video of me trying to open the package carefully without destroying them.

    Off the bat I thought how ridiculously over packaged these guys were. There is just no need for all the ties. Especially since they all sit in a vaccuform cradles. If they wanted to assure no pieces moved around it would be better to move to a full clam shell.

    After I wrestled the figs out of the package I soon then noticed the warped loose joints around the ankles and knees. Battle Cat's legs are especially a mess. Since these are the first MOTUC i opened I have nothing to compare too. I think some of this has been improved with the new ankle joints. But still I noticed the plastic must be loaded with filler. It seems too soft and prone to warpage.

    I use to work as a moldmaker and lab technician in many special effects houses doing model kits. Filler is often used to extend the quantity of plastic. The result is a lighter, softer casting. Warpage occurs in the demolding process when the plastic stretches and bends.

    I'm also disappointed in the paint applications. For some reason my Battle Cat has a white spot on his foot. As if some paint from another toy spurted on it as the where painting it. I know all the wash effects are used to enhance the detail but the kinda feel to matte and dusty for my taste. It just dosent seem like a toy you could ever really play with or let your kids play with. I know these are collector toys but the paint feels very delicate to me as if the are missing some sort of binder or sealant coat on there paint.

    Also Battle Cat's saddle seems too big and an after thought. I heard a rumor the used a stock cat from some other toyline. I have to say BattleCat dosen't wow me at all.

    All in All I know understand peoples complaints of quality a bit more clearer now. The rest of my MOTUC will remain on card. I'm now questioning my pre-order for Castle Grayskull, perhaps that will remain in box. I think the price of these toys would feel right if they were cut in half. They just dont feel that right to me in my hand. Its a shame that they are hell bent on this vintage look, They will never duplicate the actual feel of the vintage toy in our hands.
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