Saw these the other day at my local Hastings. Since I have most of the figures I wanted from the Toybiz line I just picked up Tauriel because I really liked her look, figured at a glance she was about the same size as the Toybiz figures. Got her home, and well not exactly, the toybiz figures are just over 7 inches tall and she is about 5 1/2 inches tall. So today I picked up Gandalf to do a better side to side comparison and Thorin Oakenshield.

Stylistically the figures would go great standing near the Toybiz figures, there are pretty close in design and all. Gandalf's face in the new line looks more like a generic shot of Odin in his Wander look or Heston as Moses. I do like how the molded the hat to actually stay on his head, but it comes down covering his face a bit too much even when looking directly at him. This is made worse by the fact his head is pretty stationary, but could be a stiff joint. His cloak is a bit stiffer than the Toybiz version I have but both kind of get in the way of posing him in various ways. Still I like the figure.

So back to Tauriel, over all I like the figure the only real complaint (aside from the lines over all height) is her quiver. It takes a bit to get the peg in her back and because her hair is a bit more stiff it forces her head forward.

I haven't opened Thorin yet, will after I get back from work. My only other complaint from the line over all is lack of foot peg for stands, with figures like this with often bulky accessories or outfits being able to put them on a stand really goes a long way to keep them standing. Gandalf of course being more of a problem then Tauriel.

The 3.75 inch line I didn't like the look of at all when I saw them today. It was nice to see they had figure packs, singles and some other characters but I just didn't get a good feel from them.