Hey guys.

While sorting through my Marvel figures to take pictures for the "haul" thread I ended up deciding to narrow my collection down a bit, especially when it comes to multiple versions of the same character. So I figured I'd just put up the figures I no longer need for trade (or sale). I'd like to trade them for other Marvel figures I don't have (either Marvel Universe, Legends, one of the movie lines or... well I'm open for suggestions). I'll look at what you have to trade!

All these figures are complete with every accessory, stand and piece of paperwork they came with EXCEPT:

* Secret Wars Captain America - has no shield
* 2-pack Taskmaster - Has no sword

So apart from those two these guys have everything, even if it isn't pictured in the photo!

I'm also open to selling or trading individual figures. Just contact me and let me know what you're interested in!