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Thread: Harpy Two Pack or Hunga and King Micah Two Pack?

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    Harpy Two Pack or Hunga and King Micah Two Pack?

    With the recent release of Angella, I was wondering if people had any interest in Hunga, arguably her arch enemy, being released. If people are interested, do you think it should be a Harpy Two Pack (Hunga and Generic harpy army builder), or should it be Hunga herself and King Micah (Angella's husband and Glimmer's father)?

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    I have to say I'm in the neither camp. I'd like Hunga to come solo... as I don't have room or much interest in army-buidling the harpy faction. And King Micah is not on my radar at all... at this point I'm looking for more stand-out characters who can pack a punch both figuratively and literally, and not so much relatives of so and so just to fill out my shelves.

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    Any way we can get King Micah would be cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The All American View Post
    Any way we can get King Micah would be cool!
    I agree we should get him and out of the two options given, this should be it.

    Because I don't think packaging Hunga with a generic harpy sister would push sales. Fans only need one Hunga and yet they'd like multiple harpies.

    But I don't think a two-pack of harpy sisters would fly off the shelves either.

    So I'd prefer to see Hunga and Micah released in single packs - but have Hunga come with a generic harpy sister head (or two - but that's unlikely) so you can swap them out to make an army of her sisters. The harpy sister body is very similar to Hunga's - identical in some cases - so this wouldn't bother me.

    Hunga would be set apart by her unique head and magic club, while her sisters would be an army of hand-to-hand flying grapplers.

    Honestly, I don't know why Mattel need so much pushing to get Hunga released.
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    Though I wouldn't mind seeing Micah in Classics, I'd prefer the Harpy 2-Pack.

    Include an extra head/accessories to turn Hunga into a generic harpy and army builders won't be stuck with multiple Hunga figures.
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    Hunga packed with a generic Harpy head and maybe a spear or claw weapon for the Harpy sister. Easy way of turning the Hunga figure into an army building set. I'd say no to a 2-pack as some folks might only need Hunga and all you'd be doing is making her more expensive which would put some folks off.

    Sorry, no interest in a King Micah.
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    Not that I'm terribly excited about either option, but I would certainly rather have the Micah/Hunga set.
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    I do have interest in Hunga. I think she is definately a worthy addition to MOTUC and another POP Toon figure. I agree I like the idea of her versus Angela specifically because of the wingedness. Works great.

    Plus she'd be a dang cool looking figure, am I right?

    However I have no need for an army of Harpies though they are cool to be sure. I'd much rather have a Micha, though I do not neccessarily care If I got one. But based on the way you proposed this, I'd get a cool Hunga and a useful Micha. That is an agreeable setup.

    I will admit that if they made a Hunga/Generic Harpie 2 pack I'd still buy it.

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    Why not include an extra head and feathery chest armor to make another harpy minion with King Micah? Best of both worlds and a way to sell multiples so people may army-build? I really think this is a great idea to get King Micah since everyone and their grannie seems to want Hunga?
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    No 2-packs needed.

    Make Hunga and Micah separately and include an alternate head with Hunga to make Harpy minions.

    I don't want to have to get 10 Micahs to get enough harpies, so NO to a Hunga/Micah 2-pack, and I don't want 10 Hungas to get enough of her minions either.
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    I would rather just have Hunga on her own.
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    would be cool with just hunga the harpy.
    feel we need all the two pack beast slots we can get in the next two yrs if this line stays in there.
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