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Thread: MOTUC Snake Mountain Discussion Thread

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    Just make it already

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    I'm going to bet it happens, and that it won't be unlike the Icon Heroes Snake Mountain. After all, Mattel had to approve that design.
    Filmation should be the main design blueprint. The Icon Heroes statue is an interesting compromise, but I would not want that as a playset. There are two main reasons for this. First, the colors are WAY too bright. It looks like candyland.

    If the green of the snake was changed to a super dark almost obsidion green and the purple of the mountain was a hue almost as dark as the snake to match, it would be closer to the feel of filmation, dark and foreboding.

    The second reason, is that the snake head on the Icon statue is way too small and unimposing. The Head is the equivalent to the Skull Facade on Grayskull, it is the focal point and should be what draws the attention of your eye. It should not draw ANY inspiration from the vintage snake head, as that thing was very poorly executed. It should look like this.

    It should be at least large enough to place a figure in its jaws.

    Besides those two issues with tthe icon design, the other issue is the size/cost issue. If you were to include the side that does not have the snake, it would double the cost. It is a great way to get the vintage face on the playset, but I would prefer they just made the snake coiled mountain portion, and then made a hole on the side facing away from the snake head that a waterfall or even the vintage snake mountain could just slide into. The hole would be a great way to be able to access the inside of the mountain when it is folded closed. Just make the snake coiled side, slide in your vintage Snake mountain, like this.

    This will save on cost and shipping. If you leave a place to slide in things, later 3rd party or first party add-ons could be made, waterfall, smaller spiked mountain, etc.
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    I really hope they make this probably won't due to AllThe trouble with castle greyskull! But one can hope I'd take it over an add on sub next year! Give me Filmation or MYP! Never liked the toy, 3 floors throne room, lab, & dungeon. One side no hing just tall
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    Scott said at one of the cons after Grayskull met it's goal that "when and if" they ever do make a Snake Mountain playset that it would be the Filmation style Version of Snake Mountain
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    I would love to see a filmation Snake Mountain. However I would be content with the icon heros' version if the lava "waterfall" was red and the snake was grayish black. I didnt like the weird face on the old toy version but the icons one would be a good compromise I guess.

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    Combination of Filmation/MYP with heavy details taken from Vintage Playset and also it's got to be HUGE I don't want a Snake Display or Snake Cave - I want a MOUNTAIN.
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    Other: a mix of Filmation and vintage toy. What Icon Heroes did but as a playset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Grayskull View Post
    I'd like to see this kind of combination of original toy and filmation version:
    I'm with you 110% on this. I had the original and for all it's faults I loved it...BUT the snake mountain featured in the filmation cartoon feels like the definitive version for me - it's so damn cool! A combination of the two arguably most memorable snake mountains would be orgasmic! I sincerely hope we get a snake mountain before MOTUC closes up shop...Castle Grayskull is all good and well, but how can I say this...ummm Snake Mountain is my Castle Grayskull (if you get what I mean)...

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    Snake Mountain
    Cool! We finally get a Snake Mountain!! It looks bigger than Grayskull same price point?

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