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    The Official Secret Santa Thread 2012

    Hello Secret Santas!

    It’s that time of year again! The annual Secret Santa Season kicks off today, October 20th 2012.

    Eligible Santa’s have until November 3rd to sign up. So, in order to sign up, you must be a registered member who then sends me a PM with your real name and mailing address (which she will keep private and only share with your Secret Santa).

    IMPORTANT: If you have signed up, but change your mind about participating, you have until November 3rd to PM me to remove your name from the list without being marked as a Bad Santa.
    No new names will be accepted after November 3rd.

    In order to sign up:
    1.) You must have been a member of for at least 1 year (your signup date must be on or before October 20th, 2011).
    2.) If you have not participated in the Secret Santa in the past, you will need to have another member PM me to vouch for your reputation. This needs to be someone with who you have done a successful trade or sale.

    After you send me your PM, you may also post a wish list in this thread as a purchasing suggestion for your Secret Santa. Do not be offended if your Secret Santa gift is not from your wish list as there's no guarantee you'll receive what you asked for. Also, please ask for generalities. For instance, you like Star Wars or LEGO, do not list specific items as this puts pressure on the Santa to find and deliver them. Instead, just say Star Wars or LEGO. If you are looking for specific items to fill out your collection, that’s what the Marketplace forum is for.

    On November 6th, another board member’s name will be randomly selected and sent to you in a PM, along with their shipping address. Be sure to keep that info a secret and not tell the user you are buying them a gift! Otherwise, it won't be Secret Santa! Sorry no special requests to purchase for specific users will be granted. Also, by signing up you agree that you may have to ship your gift internationally.

    Gifts sent within the United Statues will have until December 9th to buy and send your package to your recipient! International gifts will need to be sent by November 25th to ensure a Christmas delivery. As an example, if you live in the USA and need to ship your gift to Germany, you will need to send your gift by November 25th to ensure a Christmas delivery in Germany.

    Fans shipping within the United States MUST use delivery confirmation, and they will need to send me a PM with that delivery confirmation number as proof of shipment by December 9th. International gifts must send a scan or photograph of their customs form to by November 25th as proof of shipment. If postage confirmation is late or there is a failure to provide an active tracking number or scan of the customs form, it will result in you being listed on the Bad Santa list. Bad Santas are added to our Naughty List and will not be allowed to participate in any future Secret Santa gift exchanges!

    Even if you get marked as a Bad Santa, you still need to get your gift out for this year's Secret Santa. The absolute final deadline is December 27th, 2012 for Bad Santas. If a Bad Santa missed that date as well, they will be banned from the forums permanently! This is a new rule to ensure that everyone sends a gift. It’s not worth losing your membership over a free gift.

    Please package ALL gifts securely to ensure they arrive intact and undamaged. Do not wrap the shipping box in gift paper! You can wrap the gift inside the box if you want, just NOT the actual box with which you use to ship the gift!

    If your gift arrives late or not at all, but you followed all the correct steps, we'll address that when the time comes. Everyone should note gifts may be possibly lost by the postal system. This is a risk that everyone must face. A replacement gift will not be sent if a gift was lost in the mail.

    The below list includes all of the Santa’s signed up for the 2012 Secret Santa gift exchange.

    Detective Lubic
    King Kahn
    Major Prime
    Mighty Puundragon
    Mye-Kah B
    Pixel Dan
    Princess Adora NJ

    *Santa names will appear in Black until shipping confirmation is received. Names will appear in Red once confirmation of shipping is received but their gift has yet to be received by the recipient. And finally, once the gift is received by the recipient the sender's name will appear in Green. When your gift arrives please post in this thread to inform your Santa the gift was received. But please don’t open the box with your gift until Christmas to keep with the spirit of Secret Santa!

    Gifts should be between $10 and $20 USD before shipping. If you are only participating to receive a gift equal in value to what you sent, do not participate. This is about giving, not receiving. If we determine that you spent less than $10 USD before shipping, you will be placed on the Bad Santa list and not eligible to participate in the future Secret Santas. If you spend more than $20 USD before shipping, please do not be upset if your Santa stayed within the $10-20 limit

    Please do not sign up if you are unsure if you can participate. While we understand that the unforeseen does sometimes occur, you should be able to gauge at the present moment if you can complete your end of the exchange. Don’t plan on buying Secret Santa gifts with money you don’t have!

    Any further questions or concerns may be addressed in the Secret Santa thread.

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    Man! I can't join in (been a member since 2012). But I'll try next year.

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    Can't wait for the fun to start!!!! I'm on board.

    I'll post my list a little later.
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    Crazyness. My sign up date is October 21st

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    I might have to do it this year.

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    What if the last time I did take part in this was so long ago that our best friend, 'Search feature' can't find them? Do you still require me to get someone to vouch for me? (I'd call on the power of Val but he's said he can't remember it!)
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    You can count me in this year. I missed last years deadline by a few days. I am glad I checked on this today.

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    I totally didn't realize that the sign ups had started. I just sent in my info, I hope it was in time, I had fun doing Secret Santa last year. Once I know my name is on the list I'll post some ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Judith
    In order to sign up ... If you have not participated in the Secret Santa in the past, you will need to have another member PM me to vouch for your reputation. This needs to be someone with who you have done a successful trade or sale.
    Wow, what a Massive Catch-22. New people can't participate unless a person they Santa'd already vouches for them.

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    Nope, they need to conduct a successful trade or sell on the board. Meaning they are trust worthy. The person that vouches for them only has to be a member on the board and does not necessarily need to have participate in past Secret Santas.
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    Last year was my first year, and it was a lot of fun! I'm excited for this year!

    As for a wish list, aside from MOTU stuff I like Transformers, Incredible Hulk, Muppets, Glyos figures, just about anything Spy Monkey creations is doing, and am also quite happy with surprises!

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    Count me in again. I am ready to go for what happened last year and ready for this year as well.. will have a list up this weekend.
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    For whom ever gets my name, my interests include:
    Muppets (love them all, but favorite character is Rowlf the dog)
    Motu/motuc (anything motu is always loved, i don't own any of the mini comics new or old)
    Pittsburgh Penguins
    Back to the future
    The Walking Dead (I already have the enitre comic series)
    Star gate
    The TV Show LOST
    "vintage" video games (i.e. Atari, Nes, Snes)
    Things with banjos or banjo music (I already have everything by Steve Martin)
    I love squirrels
    ... or really anything. These are just ideas since alot of you don't really know me too well, I am easily pleased with pretty much anything.
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    Very happy to participate for the 4th time in a row It gave me the chance to meet with overseas fans and their interests

    As every year, anything shall be greatly appreciated if it comes with good will.
    However, being Christmas and having my inner child anxious to get what he wants under the tree, these are my interests wishlist:

    _Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    _Vintage action figures (if moc, even better)
    _80's cartoons DVD's
    _Star Wars

    Last minute addition

    Anything from "Wreck it Ralph": Plush, action figures, whatever!
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    Thank you for welcoming me Princess Adora NJ. Well this is the first year I sign up but I have heard only of positive experiences from the other guys on the forums.

    My wish list:

    Lego Star Wars
    MOTUC figures or weapons packs
    Anything from Spy Monkey creations
    200X MOTU figures or comic books
    Vintage MOTU mini comics
    MOTU commemorative figures

    Christmas cards and messages are always welcome!
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    I think it would be fun to get a box of Blind bags or any kind of toys that are a mystery before you open them. Like The Trash Pack( Wave 3 the ones with the blue cans) or anything like that you find interesting or a mix of stuff. I like cool printed T-shirts (Size M). Vintage toys from the 80's especialy from small toy lines that were not that popular, the stranger the better. If I am lucky enough to have a International Santa. Any cool toy line from your country that we dont have here in the USA we be Very Cool...

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    My wish list is I want to be surprised this year, obviously I collect toys but really I’m happy with just about anything. Surprise

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    I'm a Val-Pal.
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    My list:

    Anything that deals with Wreck-it Ralph, my manager is already giving me the two large displays in the theater lobby to go with all four Avengers and Indiana Jones displays
    Monster High
    SDCC Polly Pocket Princess of Power set
    Twilight related stuff (No books, have Breaking Dawn Part 1 Illustrated guide, no others)
    Any Brett Michaels Band CDs
    Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty used novels (I dont even have the first lol)
    Husky related necklace piece, or Italian charm etc
    Anything that can help me along with completing my novels (Childrens book series on my husky and my horror/Paranormal series)
    Vintage POP, Golden Girls, Strawberry Shortcake, etc. .
    And any surprizes really that you may come up with.
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    I have finished shopping for my recipient (both online and in the store)...and it was loads of fun . But I gotta wait for what I bought online to arrive before I can ship
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    Transformers Prime Season One DVD
    Transformers Prime Season Two DVD
    Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising DVD
    Transformers Prime: One Shall Stand DVD
    Transformers Japanese Collection: Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory DVD Set
    Star Wars Clone Wars (Anything Ahsoka Tano related)
    Star Wars Vintage items anything
    TMNT Classics (Anything I have none)
    TMNT (2012 Series I have None)
    GI Joe SDCC Jinx Red or White Carded
    Any TMNT Classic DVD releases I have the season that was released in volumes with the mini figures but no others
    MOTUC/DC figures from Matty any from august onward for this year, I had my CC stolen and by the time it was replaced Matty cancelled my subs for He-Man, DC and I lost out on the remainder of the year, and my Voltron Blue Lions, and Black Lions and Svens, five subs worth.....)
    DC Tenth Ann Heroclix (Oracle, Black Bat, Batgirl, Batwoman)

    Or if you can think of something else, not to picky
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