Hey Eternians,

I was a big MOTU fan as a child in the 80s, like everyone else. I started with Mego figures as a small child, but I was too young to really appreciate them. I moved onto STar Wars and GI Joe and still have tons of them (along with lots of new ones), but then it happened.

I will never forget the day my Dad took me to Toys R Us and I saw all the new Masters of the Universe stuff. They were BRAND new and the pegs were full. He said I could choose any one I wanted. Of course, I got the He-Man and Battlecat set. The best thing was, as we were walking out of the aisle he said, "what's a hero without a villain to fight?" so he said I should get a bad guy, too! I figured - if I'm getting a bad guy, I want the worst of them all... Skeletor! This was a rarity for me since money was tight and usually when I wanted a toy, I would hear the dreaded 4 words, "We can't afford it." But I had just gotten a great report card to end the school year and Dad splurged a little more than usual!

The ONLY negative thing I remember about that day was that Dad ended off the day by taking me to see "Megaforce". OMG - what a crap-fest! Not even a GOOD crappy like most of the 80's B movies!

All my old MOTU stuff was lost in an ex-girlfriend's storage unit she never paid for, but I never forget that fantasy world! So, I lurked here for awhile, but now I've decided to join and begin collecting these new MOTU Classics!