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Thread: Halloween Special! The Haunted Forest

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    Halloween Special! The Haunted Forest


    The Haunted Forest

    I do not know how I have survived my experience to write this. I have fought for years to forget that night but now I feel that I must tell my story. I know that I survived that night but I feel that I am in some purgatory. I think I never escaped that night.

    My testimony begins on a dark night of the high full moons. I was a young soldier that was in the service of the local magistrate under the rule of the great King Miro. I was positioned near the village of Caz. The village was small and quiet, but it rested on a busy travelers’ road. A small forest lay just a short distance away with the river flowing through it. The farms and plains rested on the other side of the village. It was relatively a peaceful region.

    On the high night of the full moons, a thief had wandered into the village and stole a bag of gold and jewels from a traveling merchant resting at the tavern. I led a small group of village men to chase the thief down take him to the magistrate. The thief fled on foot over the road and took a turn into the forest.

    Once the thief had entered the forest, the local villagers ceased their pursuit. They spoke of the woods being haunted on nights when the wind was cold and the two Eternian moons were full. I paid no heed to superstition or local legends. I ignore the men and chased the thief into the woods. The trees were large and tall. The high branches and leaves blocked out much of the moonlight, but there was enough to navigate the forest.
    The thief was a young human male. He was fast and agile. I knew it would be a chase. I caught quick flashes of movement of the thief jumping over brushes and leaping between trees. I was young then and full of energy, but my armor was heavy. The thief was creating a big gap, but I was determined to catch him.

    I paid no attention then that the forest silent. I should have taken that as a warning, but I was too focused on my quarry. I had enough tracking experience to know that the bandit was heading to the river. He probably had plans of eluding me in the water or maybe he had a waiting raft.
    I kept pace enough that I finally caught sight of the thief by the river. He had stopped and was knelt down to take a quick inventory of his stolen cache of treasure. The moon light glistened off the river’s waters which gave me enough moonlight to see the bandit. He had a look of victory. The thief had no doubt that he had eluded me. I was still in the darkness of the forest. The thief would not see me in the darkness until was close enough to strike. I quietly sneaked between trees and inched closer to the thief.

    Then a light appeared from the river. The thief looked like he was going to flee, but something froze him in place. I moved down a little and hid behind a large tree. I couldn’t see what the light was, but it was moving toward the thief. I quietly stepped to a few trees over to get a better view. It was then that I saw it, the Scareglow.

    I knew magic existed. I knew monsters existed. I had participated in the hunt and killing of a few. I had seen even wizards perform amazing feats, but I never believed in ghost. Just looking at the thing, I found myself gripped in a frightening sense of terror beyond anything I ever imagined.
    The Scareglow walked on the water. It at first appeared like a living glowing skeleton in a purple cloak and boots. As it moved closer to the bandit, I could see it had a body composed of transparent flesh. It felt as if death itself had arrived.

    I heard a noise. I then realized that the thief was trying to stammer out words. He muttered a low “help” followed by a plea for mercy. The ghost wielded a green glowing scythe on one hand and held a strange cylinder that was chained to its wrist on the other hand. I could see the face of my quarry. I had never seen such fear in a man. I think the thief was stammering out a prayer.

    The creature was now standing before the thief. The Scareglow slowly raised its scythe. I could tell the thief wanted to flee. He could see the scythe, but he did nothing. The Scareglow swung his weapon with precision and force. The thief’s head rolled away while his body remained in place.
    The Scareglow then turned his attention to me. It knew I was there the entire time. His gaze met with mine. I was suddenly engulfed in sheer terror and despair. It felt like all my fears rising and pulling me down into a cold death. I relieved all my dark moments. I could see beastmen tearing my father apart before my child eyes. I felt the loss of my mother again. I felt a hundred nightmares all at once.

    The Scareglow was now before me and it raised its green scythe. Something suddenly turned my gaze away from the creature. A falcon soared in the air. A woman’s voice suddenly screamed in my mind to drop down. I felt the quick rush of wind of the scythe’s blade just behind my head. The blade imbedded itself deeply into the large tree I hid behind. The fear subsided for a moment and I took advantage. I found my legs were no longer frozen and I ran. I could hear the scythe being pulled free and steady footsteps following behind me.

    The light of Scareglow remained behind me as I ran. I dared not look back. I learned that it was when I gazed upon him that fear would overtake me. Just seeing his glow was enough to keep me in a hysteric fright. Instead I used my own real fear to keep myself running. I threw away my sword and helmet to lighten my burden. I ran for a long time and the Scareglow’s light never ceased to be behind me. It only grew stronger.
    I found the edge of the forest and ran into the open fields. The road was only a short stretch away. I don’t know how, but I felt that if I made it out of the forest, I would be safe.

    It was when my feet touched the road that I dared to look back toward the forest. The Scareglow was standing just outside the trees. He no longer pursued me and his expression gave no sign of emotion, but I could feel his anger. He wanted my life, but I had escaped.

    I continued my sprint back to the village. No one was out in the lateness of night. I wanted to scream out for help, but no sounds came out of my throat. I had pushed my body beyond exhaustion. I suddenly felt the great weight of my armor. I could no longer go on. I lost consciousness in the middle of the village square.

    I awoke some time in my quarters. The sun shone brightly through my window. I was told the villagers found me in the morning. The magistrate and a few local men found the body of the thief next to the stolen gold and jewels, but the head was never found. The magistrate assumed I was in a duel with the thief. The villagers never spoke a word, but their looks told me that they knew more.

    It took many years before I could accept that night. My hair turned white and my heart had grown weak after that experience. Years had gone by and I still see the Scareglow in my nightmares. I shall forever see that creature until my final day.
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    An awesome story I love it keep up the excellent work
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