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Thread: The Return of Watching NA for the First Time Ever!

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    The Return of Watching NA for the First Time Ever!

    I'm baaack!

    It's been a while, and while I'd be prone to merely bumping the old thread, it just wouldn't work here as the posts would be automerged and no one would see that I've returned to finish the series. So Mods, I hope this is fine with you. Besides, this forum seems a bit dead, so some new life may be just what it needed.

    The original thread, with reviews of episodes 1-31 can be found here.

    It's been a long time, but it's New Episode Time!

    32. The Siege of Serus

    An invincible rock comes to Primus and reveals itself to be a Rock Person. It threatens Hydrons underwater home until He-man offers up his Power Sword. The Rock Person is impressed and leaves.


    -Gobels goo fires as a laser, but sticks as a liquid. How does he do it?

    -He-man fires a glass repair beam through the cockpit of the Astrosub. Wow.

    -Is it me or is this an unusually large Astrosub?

    -It's amusing that He-man travels through space unaided, yet here, underwater, he has an Aliens style helmet with viewcam and light.

    -Why does Hydron on board the Astrosub tilt when the undersea base shifts?

    -"Perhaps coward was a bit too strong a word." Chalks delivery made me LOL.

    -The Sorceress and the Rock Persons Narations can hear each other. That thought is humorous to me.

    -This is the first episode without Skeletor of the Mutants in it.

    Overall this was a fairly fast paced episode, but bland in a way. 4/10

    33. The Childrens Planet

    We open with Caz and Adam dueling each other with sticks as Pacifists are known to do. The Scientists come and inform Sebrian that they've detected Black Omega, a plot McGuffin that will destroy Primus' shield in even minute quantities. The gas is located on a frozen planet on the edge of the Tri-Solar system, which the Scientists, being Pacifists, strongly advocate destroying the entire planet to keep themselves safe. As Pacisfists are also known to do. Which Sebrian... Sebrian agrees to. (What?!) Meanwhile on said planet, a mutant we've never seen who has seemingly been exiled by not in command of the Mutants Skeletor is planning on harvesting said gas and then have his revenge on everybody. Starship Eternia enters proximity to the planet and He-man regrets that he's going to blow up a planet he's never set foot upon to save one he has, but it's to be done. Fortunately, Starship Eternia is equipped with weapons that can destroy a planet. You know, as Pacifist ships usually are. They are welcomed by Maxus and long story short, Maxus leaves for no good reason after capturing Spinwit and Tuskador with his Gorgon Vision. Caz finds the titular children. Meanwhile the Scientists, not content with allowing Starship Eternia to destroy a planet, has launched a seeking missile as well. Say it with me, as Pacifists tend to do. He-man is frozen, thaws for no good reason, then later reflects the freeze beam to stop Maxus from leaving, which is a moot point as the missile hits it, turning the Black Omega gas into laughing gas. Maxus is exiled yet again, the children are reunited with their father (parents?) and refuse the chance to come to Primus, as this distant, frozen, bear-lion filled world is their own.


    -Sebrian sleeps above the covers. Four feet above the Covers.

    -I was wondering outside of the voice what made Maxus a villain. Not a bad power, Crystal Gorgon vision.

    -So Heroic He-man was going to destroy a planet without doing any sort of a thorough scan? Life that he found 5 seconds after he landed.

    -Why did Maxus get out of his tank to attack He-man and company?

    -Oh, it's just freeze vision. Less impressive.

    -Oh good. The Sorceress. Telling him how hot good is.

    -Caz did exactly what I expected him to do, find the children. However, he wasn't annoying.

    -Tuskador's ice chopping animation. Well, it's a little unusual. Let's leave it at that.

    -No Skeletor or the "regular mutants".

    -Remind me of how He-man is the hero of this series?

    Overall, not a bad episode. Another fast paced one. My biggest beef (and source of fun) was the reaction of the Pacifist People of Primus (PPP)'s solution to a threat. What would their response be if they were hostile and not a pacifist people? 4/10

    So ends Season 1.

    Onto Season 2:

    34. Zone of Darkness

    Master Sebrian and Mara are returning from an off-planet mission in an Astrosub when they're caught in a control beam pulling them to Denebria. He-man, Tuskador and Sagitaur (Toys on sale now!) leave in Starship Eternia to rescue them. The beam is Skeletors doing (Yay!) and He-man can't make it in time. The rest is pretty much a "don't judge a book by it's cover" parable.


    -Denebria is stated to be a Mutant Stronghold. Interesting.

    -Skeletor has a magic power that allows him to control starships from planetary distances? Wow. That's power.

    -Skeletors response to Staghorns hesistation to go to Freon, where no one comes back is the source of much amusement. Oh Skeletor, how I've missed you.

    -He-mans first reaction to a monsterous looking person is hostility. How heroic and open minded. Then he's dumbfounded when said person greets him with a civil tongue and offers assistance.

    -Ah, suspicion and distrust. Hallmarks of great heroes.

    -Sorceress is back to repeating herself. Herself. Herself.

    -Sagiataur, the four armed giant monstrocity is all judgey on people by appearance.

    -LOL at He-man running for Skeletors chopper which is like 2 feet behind him.

    -Kudo's to the animation team, they kept the eyes brown/red after the change started for all the characters until the end.

    -Sebrian, Mara, Tuskador, Sagitaur, and He-man all return to normal after being exposed to the "Light of good" that is the Priman suns. The new non-mutant friends stay that way. Not even a line about with time they'll return to normal. Not sure I like that.

    Overall, themes like this are solid kids story tales, so I can't deduct anything for that. However, the plot felt rather thin. 4.5/10

    35. Once Upon a Time

    He-man is homesick. Skeletor wants a complete collection of "The Encyclopedia of Evil", which all but one volume is hidden on Primus. Teela shows up to help He-man. Skeletor relies too much on the book and loses the day.


    -Ah, this is the infamous 'Teela' Episode.

    -Skeletor's knowledge of history goes well beyond the Mutants. Interesting.

    -Grotz, it's been a long time!

    -Sebrian and Skeletor have the same book. Suspicious or animation error?

    -"Why isn't this book out in paperback?" Hee hee.

    -Oh Skeletor. Your over reliance on Magic cost you your dated Encyclopedias. Just pick them up and put them in a bag.

    -"Good bye Forever He-man." Wow, that's pretty final.

    Overall, not a bad episode. 6/10

    And the final episode for this return,

    36. Plague on Primus

    Skeletor invents fear gas that effects everything but mutants and women. Crita uses it to gas the population of Primus. Adam changes into He-man and is unaffected, but pretends to be. Mara leads the planet defense as He-man and Gleep go to the Waters of Enos to get a cure. Skeletor is beaten, He-man gets the water, and uses it to make it (*Sigh*) rain, reversing the effects of the fear gas, undoing the mutant conquest.


    -Fear Gas. The Scarecrow has contacted his lawyer.

    -Crita! Yay, now we need Grrr.

    -I really hope He-man isn't exposed and then the Sorceress appears in his eyeball to tell him the power of good is always brave or some crap to undo it.

    -Mutants and women are immune? That's selective.

    -Man, Mara looks bored.

    -Drissi! Haven't seen her in a while!

    -Well, that prior dread isn't going to happen, so there's that. He-man isn't effected at all. Guess he's not a man.

    -Gleep hasn't been around for quite some time either. Still not very funny.

    -The way of the magic. I haven't missed that.

    -There's more than a few animation glitches during that fight. He-man slams the sword into the ground and Quake flies off, but there's a sound effect but no effect to show the beam going down to toss Quake. Later Skeletor fires a constant beam, but the reaction shot is He-man dodging individual blasts. Then it looks like He-man should reflect Skeletors blast back, but instead nothing happens and the staff is pulled from Skeletors hands.

    -Wait, they have Spaceship Eternia tow the water as an Iceberg behind it? How did it not burn up in the atmosphere?

    -Funny how when petrified, Spinwit and Flipshot lack their equipment, the second they're no longer scared, they have their equipment on for some reason.

    Overall, it was an okay episode. 5.7/10

    13 Episodes to go!

    - - - Updated - - -

    New Episodes Reviewing 9/20

    37. Test of Time

    Master Sebrian is feeling old and Levitan is sinking. It needs a shipment of ore that is intercepted by the Mutants. The skipper of the ship is a former classmate of Sebrians, making Sebrian feel even older. To prove that he's not too old, he comes along on the mission to retake the cargo ship. The Eternia and the Astrosubs valiantly cloak and use their cloaks to an advantage as Sebrian and his friend retake the cargo ship via Jedi Powers and some help from He-man. Sebrian uses the comm system to imitate Flogg and call off the attack on them, saving the day. Feeling young again, Sebrian wants to go on patrols from here on out.


    -I don't recall the Astrosubs having cloaks before.

    -Starship Eternia gets a chance to shine. She's a good ship.

    -Hydron and Flipshot. Been a while.

    Meh. It's a nice plot, it flowed well, and everything was solid, but it's not a favorite. 6.3/10

    38. Four Ways to Sundown.

    It's Rashomon with Flogg and Slush Head, Hydron and Flipshot.


    -Clobber, it's been a while.

    -Heh, both sides claim victory to the great battle.

    -I wasn't sure if we were in flashback or not at first, I wondered for a moment if Hydron had some fear gas there, but then I realized the narrative bias. Clever Jack!

    -Is this going to turn into a humorous version of Rashomon?

    -Yes. Yes it is.

    -Cowardly He-man is hilarious.

    -Super Conquistador/Admiral Slush Head is amazing. Mr. Slush Head sir.

    -"You let me sit in the pilots seat!?!" LOLs.

    -Bored Hydron is funny.

    -"We're lucky they've only got one Flipshot on their side!" LOLs.

    -He-mans "Ugh!" when he cuts with the sword is very funny.

    -"Nyah Nyah NaNaNyah!" Skeletors dance at being Conquistador/Admiral Slush Heads boot shiner.

    -"I wonder if HE has to go through this" Fan-freaking-tastic!

    Overall, this was something else. It was funny, it was smart, I'd love for an entire series to be made wherein Slush Head tells what happened according to him. I was starting to wonder if the series just wasn't doing it for me as it was, given these merely adequate episodes of late, then this one comes along and reminds me why I've been enjoying this series. I have never given this out before, but it's clearly earned it, as well as a place in the favorites list, so here it is...


    39. Sheriff of Gorn City

    Skeletor and Flogg notice how unruly Gorn City is. Skeletor comes up with the plan and Flogg pulls some strings, getting Flipshot elected Sheriff. Flipshot accepts and is quickly over his head, aided by Skeletors cronies to get himself in trouble with a major gang. He-man comes with help and they turn the tables on the Ugly Gang. Flipshot retires and hands the job over to Meliak.


    -I believe in Lt. Flipshot.

    -There's an irony that Flipshot is the slowest draw in the city.

    -Wow, there's a place that sells beer in Gorn City. Actual Beer. Says so and everything. Did that slip past the censors?

    -This is all Skeletors plan? Man is this convoluted!

    Overall, OK Western episode. 6.5/10

    40. New Wizard in Town

    Sebrian is hosting a wizard conference. Ramlin, one of the great wizards, has become corrupted and seeks to use this as an opportunity to take the magic from those present, including He-man!


    -Slush Head pretends to be He-man? LOLs.

    -Not sure I like the idea of there being an evil Wizard greater than Skeletor.

    -Gleep still isn't funny.

    -Gary Chalk as both Hero and Villain. Nifty.

    -Ramlin is a Shujinko.

    -Drats, I was really hoping for Skeletor to be on Ramlins ship as he departs in his weakened state and Skeletor takes his power. Would've really cemented the message of the episode.

    Unless Ramlin is going to show up in the next 9 eps, this episode really should've ended with Ramlin losing his power to Skeletor. It would've been a fitting end to both the character and the story. Not a bad episode either, the wizards were interesting and the pacing was very good. 7.2/10

    9 Episodes to go!

    - - - Updated - - -

    45 views and not even one reply? Shame on you people! Not even for a perfect 10 episode?!? Shame on you, guess this will be automerged as well.

    New Episodes 9/23

    41. The Nemesis Within

    Primus plays EPCOT and Skeletor takes advantage of Pre-9/11 airport security to claim all the goodies for himself.


    -Grrr!!! Yay!

    -At long last? You didn't even know about the McGuffin until about a minute ago!

    -Nifty Camera, but how did it take a picture of Skeletor when he never came into contact with the cargo container?

    -It's harmless, isn't it. (Guessing)


    -I take it back, it's probably a cloning machine.

    -Cloning Machine.

    -Nifty Havoc sword

    -Heh, Skeletor getting a ride on He-Clone.

    -Why do all the Scientists wear robes? Did snazzy jumpsuits go out of fashion?

    -He-man lost. Counting down to The Sorceress saying "The Power of the Good".

    -30 seconds. Sorceress "Believe in the Power of the Good".

    -...And throwing the solar energy sphere into the fountain created an explosion 10,000 times worse than an H-bomb!

    -Or not. Drats. That would've been funny.

    -"Who said anything about fighting fair?"

    -If Skeletor can tap his staff and teleport off Primus, couldn't he do the same to get on Primus at will? Rendering much of this series plot points moot, doesn't it?

    Overall. OK. 6.5/10

    42. He-Fan

    He-mans biggest fan doesn't pull a Misery on him. Thus ruining a great potential story.


    -Werban reference.

    -Werban! Actually in the episode! Hoo-ray! And touting peace too! Double Hoo-ray!

    -Sebrian is a jerk.

    -That lady is becoming creepy.

    -Why is Mara laughing? Does she know that Adam and He-man are the same?

    -I've refrained from mentioning it before, but man does the background music in the second season sound like it's from the original Doctor Who series. Like they got the rights to some of the incidental music or something.

    -Laser darts are cool.

    -The weapon is sound? A sound weapon in space.

    -The Colossus? Is that the first time we've had a name or really a good look at this craft?

    -I'm not going to like this episode, am I?

    -Did Tuskador just break a laser with his tusks?

    -Wait, what just happened? He-man threw his sword into the giant record and the label turned from red to blue, thus causing destruction?

    Overall. Blech. 1/10

    - - - Updated - - -

    Another six views and not a single reply. Le Sigh.

    New Episodes Posting

    43. The Dream Zone.

    Both sides go into the Dream Zone to attack/defend the council generating Primus' shield. Skeletor beats the tar out of He-man, but Sebrian and the Sorceress interfere and nonsense wins.


    -Why is Skeletor taking Quake and BH with him?

    -Wow, Shakespeare and Twilight Zone references, go Skeletor!

    -The Dream Zone is like early animation.

    -I'm suddenly thinking of "I like trains". You'd think He-man would be in danger in the dream zone. After all, there's got to be some baggage with having a dual identity. It should leave him vulnerable.

    -"Lets give them a Priman welcome!" Bang bang bang! Pacifists!

    -The Mutants destroyed an Astrosub and killed the pilot. Wow.

    -Wow, He-man is completely unarmed. Kudos!

    -"Woah, where do you find batteries for that thing?"

    -Ugh. They use good and evil in such flat states that it's just silly.

    Overall, I liked all of this episode except the resolution, which I knew was going to be a Sorceress guided Deus Ex Machina. Skeletor beating He-man had some nice animation to the sequences. 5/10

    44. Brain Drain

    Skeletor tires of the stupide mutants and gets a device that boosts the IQ of Slush Head, BH, and Staghorn. This causes friction between them and Skeletor, as well as Flogg. He-man uses brute force to solve the plot.


    -Skeletor is on the verge of snapping. Poor guy.

    -So... why did the pacifist people of Primus come to Denebria and interfere with their culture? Sounds like something the Tri-Solar council should be investigating. Heck, that would be quite the plot. The opening further re-enforces the idea that Primus is the bad guys of this series.

    -Something was wrongfully stolen from you? Not my problem. "Heroic" He-man everyone.

    -I think I'm going to like this episode...

    -Kill him! Kill the villain He-man!

    Overall, OK. 4.5/10

    45. You're in the Army Now

    Adam is framed for treason and is found guilty of desertion as well. For some reason the desertion thing is forgotten when he finds the traitor.


    -LOL, Adam is on trial, isn't he? If I'm right, this is a brilliant idea.

    -Yup. Brilliant.

    -Is Adam faking being bad at this, or is he really bad at the training?

    -Wait, is Adam only able to change from his civies into He-man? He was wearing that under his training clothes?

    -You disabled your trusted friend. "Heroic" He-man everyone.

    -Boy the villain timing couldn't be worse. The facility should've exploded during the initial battle or at the very least when Skeletor confronted He-man. If Evan is going to take all day, what's the point?

    Overall, meh. 4.5/10

    46. No Easy Way

    Primus sends everything they've got to explore a moon and come back with foreign flora.


    -Wow, seeing the Colossus next to the Eternia shows just what a behemoth of a ship it is.

    -How does attacking an asteroid from the rear make any difference to destroying it?

    -Sorceress is so annoying. Really.

    -Atmospheric entry, is that a first for this series?

    -And now we explicitly see that He-man doesn't need to breathe. He puts helmets on the others, but not himself. Also, Artilla doesn't need one, so I guess he's an android.

    -Wow, I didn't think we'd get Skeletor and the mutants, but we do. Yay!

    -Hmm. Skeletor passes up the obvious. While they're exploring this moon, attack the relatively defenseless Primus!

    -There's a slight irony that Hydron talks about his love of fresh air. Given that he's from an underwater city and usually wears a scuba mask.

    -Where's the other scientist(s)? 2 ships, the entire backbone of Primus' defense force, along with He-man and several guardians go on this mission but there's only two scientists?

    -Introducing foreign Flora to an entire planet. Always a good thing. We shall see.

    -Rigerous testing, eh Master Sebrian? What, do you work for MattyCollectors World Class Quality Control Facilties now?

    Overall, not a bad episode. 7/10

    3 episodes to go!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Final Episodes 9/26

    47. The Guns of Nordor

    The Mutants create an interplanetary cannon. The PPP send a strike mission to destroy a mutant instalation on a mutant planet that's not theirs. As pacifists tend to do.


    -I'm watching the (biased) opening credits, I'm guessing that this is a take on The Guns of Navarone based on the title. Which if I'm right, means a team of Pacifist Primans attacking an established mutant base on Denebria or Nordor. (Also a far smaller death count for our "hero" team.)

    -Love the gun being on rails/wires to account for the recoil.

    -How exactly does one become an "officer" of the Mutants? Is there some kind of promotion process where you go from a Stormtrooper to a guy with a gimmick?

    -Hydrons descent is a bit weird. Why is he playing with his flaps all the way down? Set them up to get the most glide if you're short of the runway. Why isn't the Eternia firing a tractor beam or docking with him?

    -Wait, so they walk away glad from an Astrosub that's on fire on top of the starship Eternia? Wouldn't they want to secure that?

    -Yup. Guns of Navarone.

    -Is Gepple getting situtationally aware? Usually they're so glad to be getting credit for inventing anything.

    -Hmm. Darkside of Nordor. I'm guessing we won't see Ramlin there.

    -The Colossus. Interesting. I'm really begining to think we were going to get a toy of it. Far too many appearances otherwise.

    -Or not. The Colossus just bought it!

    -Everyone is congratulating Slush Head. If it weren't for the fact that we see him in normal attire, I'd almost say this was his fantasy!

    -An empty decoy ship. Wow. That's quite the resource depletion.

    -That's quite the suit Gepple.

    -Gepple is flying his own ship? Wow.

    -Cloaking Devices work differently in this episode. Wherein prior episodes had them as Star Trek style invisiblity along with non-detection, now they are just non-detection devices.

    -+100 to Quake for figuring out the Primans plan!

    -Why would Skeletor leave? Isn't he functionally immortal as established in 41. The Nemesis Within?

    Overall, a sharp plot that worked fine coupled with some nice to OK animation. 8/10

    48. The Bride of Slushhead

    The Primans crash Slush Heads wedding. Jerks.


    -I've seen two different spellings for Slushy, one with a space and one without. Just a note. Slush Head, Slushhead.

    -What did they create? A GPS for their navigation system?

    -Given galactic scales, landing in the swamp as opposed to Gorn City is a very minute course change.

    -Alcon, the Mutants greatest asset.

    -Gleep? No Felca. Same voice though.

    -Evil Primans. I'm telling you.

    -Is that the first (and probably only) time Slush head has used his tenticle claw?

    -Ya know, with the way that the Primans act, I'd really just have them as part of the wedding and have no evil plan. Let their own suspicions make them into really terrible people and use that as evidence as needed.

    -Waspinator voice from the pig-guy.

    -Felcas a Bridezilla, isn't she?

    -The mutant tux's. LOLs.

    -Skeletor the matchmaker.

    -How the heck did Staghorn get inside the cake when he was part of the lineup shot during the ceremony?

    Overall, solid episode. 8/10

    49. Dreadator

    A gladitoral champion is sent to do in He-man. Guess who wins?


    -Is Dreadator a combination of original Skeletor and Sting Chameleon

    -Perhaps we've got an answer to how Mutants join up, Gladitorial Champions. Interesting idea.

    -Interesting lung device. Guessing that's a weakness/addiction that will be exploited later.

    -Skeletor. Master Mutant Manipulator.

    -He even has a cloaked ship. That is cool.

    -Heh, turning into a PPV fight. Clever!

    -Ah, arming him with extra weapons to fight fair. Including another use for Gepples Goo.

    -Slush Head as the hot dog vender. Awesome.

    -Slush Head uses the tentacles. I'm surprised.

    -Alcons goo doesn't work. Gepples does. I see that in a commercial in the future.

    Overall, solid episode. 8/10

    The episode guide here at lists this as the last episode. I see now that's clearly not the case.

    I wonder if there's a post length quota for a single post. With no one replying I can see myself running out out characters for a single post and forcing a premature end to this thread. As it is, I can no longer use emoticons in this now enormous post.
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    I can't say I remember all that many of these episodes, and I thought that I'd seen most of them. That said, I haven't watched the New Adventures since it was last repeated on UK television back in the 1990s, so I'm hard pressed to remember all the different story lines.

    Thanks for the reviews. It's interesting to note how mixed the quality seems to be. I would say that was my lasting impression of the New Adventures cartoon series. There were some good episodes, but a lot of mediocre ones in between, and that lasting impression seems to be being born out by your reviews.
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    Thank you for the reply! You have no idea how grateful I am that someone finally replied!

    New Episode time!

    50. Mutiny on the Mothership

    The Colossus and the Mothership are caught in an ion storm unknowingly caused by an alien race who's testing them. A mutiny also ensues.


    -Methinks this'll be a 'Mutiny on the Bounty' type episode with hilarious results and a favorite. Flogg as Bligh is a perfect fit.

    -Heh, Slush Head.

    -Interesting that it seems whenever we don't see named mutants (toys on sale now!) that the implication is they're in charge of other key locations that are Mutant held.

    -Staghorn as Fletcher Christian, an interesting choice.

    -Staghorn doesn't seem to be having much luck.

    -Interesting question here, I don't recall Optik ever speaking. Does he?

    -Skeletors complete and total casualness is a hoot.

    -Oop, Optik gave a shout!

    -The Colossus crashed into the Mothership. Nice flying heroes.

    -The way Flipshot says mutants shows more of the blatant racism we've seen throughout the series. Our heroes, racist jerks!

    -He-man jumps into space once again. Spacesuit? Of course not!

    -Uh, Flipshot? The Mutants did keep their word. They held the truce until the ships were freed from each other.

    -Gepples Goo finds another use!

    -He-man catches a laser blast and throws it back?

    -What a Star Trek ending.

    Okay, the idea of doing a Mutant focused episode that was a play on the 'Mutiny on the Bounty' would've been a genius story. However, that's not really what we got. We got a taste of it and then it went in this Star Trek style episode with all powerful aliens who reward the biased behavior of the Primans. Also, He-man is a cheating jerk. I'm also having a real hard time seeing the Primans as the good guys, no joke. Overall it gets a 5/10 which is a real shame since if it had stuck to the Mutiny story it could've been another 10/10 episode.

    51. Rock to the Future

    A rock star, seemingly from 1980's Earth accidently ends up in the "modern" era. Skeletor tries to exploit it, but He-man ruins the day.


    -Jim Byrnes! Yay!

    -Is... Is that a laserdisc?

    -Funny how Adam and Batman hate Rock N Roll.

    -Caz, Drissi, and Flipshot in their concert clothes. Oh my.

    -Is that a Xudarian in the crowd?

    -Wait, he's a one man band?!?

    -Nope, he's got mutant back-up singers.

    -Wait, so He-man just attacks first!?! And how did he get backstage?

    -Did He-man try to cut Skeletor?


    -Wait, isn't Telkits the equivalent of Seconds? So the Rock Star Manager has been in business for 30 seconds? Telcs are years, aren't they?

    Overall, blech. The plot spends too much time trying to get what is ultimately no where. 3/10

    Bonus Episode because there was a reply in this thread!

    52. The Running of the Herd:

    Sagitar's people get an origin story, and show that they have no quality. He-man also makes a jerk comment.


    -Sagitar is feeling the call of Pon Farr.

    -Sagitar's people are evolved from almost pure horses?

    -Isn't Equinos gone? That was a plot point from 'The Bride of Slushhead' about why Sagitar hates Staghorn?

    -Wow, full scale mutant invasion is very neat.

    -Starship Eternia has both landing struts and wheeled gear? Interesting. Guess those weren't errors before.

    -I see what the word of a Equinotian is worth. Nothing.

    -The Staghorn/Sagitar rivalry is mentioned directly by both of them!?!

    -So, "Evil people can't appreciate beautiful things" eh He-man? So when Slush Head went through the sacred wedding ceremony and let the heroes go, that wasn't appreciating beautiful and special things? Jerk.

    Overall I don't have any problems with this episode, but I'm only meh on it. 3/10

    As a complete aside, I mentioned early on how interesting it was to see so many voice actors from Beast Wars in this series. With the recent 16th Anniversary of BW, I've been rewatching the series as well. There's even more cast than I thought in both series:

    He-man = Optimus Primal
    Skeletor, Sagitar = Rampage
    Flipshot, Scientist, etc. = Rattrap, Dinobot, Silverbolt, Waspinator
    Crita = Blackarachnia
    80's Rockstar, Band Promotor, etc. = Inferno

    - - - Updated - - -

    New Episodes 10/2

    53. Balance of Power

    On a planet on the edge of the Tri-Solar system, the two forces in battle with each other are interfered with by the PPP (and Crita).


    -Narrator, interesting.

    -Ahhh!!!! What is that on the bridge of the Eternia!?! Kill it with fire!!!

    -Oh, it's the ambassador. That makes some sense. Kill it with fire!!!

    -Ah yes, the peaceful Mites. Who fire on an unknown vessel without any attempts at either ascertaining identification or learning intent. Clearly they and the Primans subscribe to the same book of peace.

    -Queen of the Gleenons? Isn't that aiming a little low?

    -More naration.

    -Hee hee, He-man and Mara in those little chairs.

    -"Our only option is a full force attack" Says the peaceloving Glit. The PPP however want in on the chance to do violence.

    -Wow, callbacks to the invasion of Primus!

    -The Ambassador is actually helping them come up with a plan. Kill it with fire!!!

    -Skull cannons. LOL.

    -Totem pole of evil!

    -Were these planned to be future small and cheap toys for the line or spin-off?

    -Why didn't the steam go up the tube they just drilled? In fact, how they alive? Being that close would mean there's no oxygen for them to breathe. (Well, except He-man, who we know doesn't need to breathe or worry about elemental exposure.)

    -Is that the end of Mara?

    -No Skeletor and mutant force.

    Overall, another meh episode. I have the strongest feeling that there was a subtoyline or something planned here with the Necronians. 3.5/10

    54. The Tornadoes of Zil

    Spinwit shows his qualities while He-man preaches hate and war.


    -Soaron from Captain Power! Lots of them!

    -So Mara doesn't know. Despite transforming in front of her at least twice. And being appointed an ambassador to another planet last week. Guess the Necronians wised up and kicked Primans out.

    -Of course He-man will survive, the elements and the vacuum of space do him no harm!

    -He-mans sword blast changed from heroic blue to villainous red. The truth is emerging!

    -Heh, Champion Spinwits helper.

    -It's Disneyland!

    -Spinwits Manservant, He-man.

    -One. Hit. Like a Boss Skeletor, Like a Boss.

    -Skeletor lost his helmet! And an easy chance to be the hero of Zil and get the life of comfort and power. (I'm guessing this is the last episode with the helmet and he goes the rest of the series sans helmet?)

    -Oh, that's just hate speech He-man. That's not heroic at all.

    -... I should've had a count for the number of times He-man has tried to transform a peaceful people into warriors. This is one as he tells the people who have been living in peace that they should start now to prepare for war.

    Overall, this episode doesn't show a heroic side to any of the heroes. The Scientists argue, Sebrian lies and scolds Mara, Spinwit takes advantage of a people and demeans He-man, while He-man lies to Mara, gives a hate speech, and tells a peaceful people they must prepare to make interplanetary war. 2/10

    11 Episodes to go!

    - - - Updated - - -

    New episodes 10/3

    55. The Taking of Levitan

    A super robot named COG from Necron is gifted to Primus, only it's been reprogrammed to destroy Levitan. By the way, the title is a lie.


    -Oh, this episode is a sequel to 'Balance of Power'. Nifty.

    -Aww. Glasses is going to play a vital role in saving COG, isn't he?

    -Mara is back on Necron. I'm wondering if this episode aired out order.

    -Ah yes, the peace loving Priman attitute shows itself again as Mara's bloodlust takes hold.

    -The Ambassador is visiting COG. Kill it with fire!!!

    -Wow, Crita's plan went to, well, plan.

    -Uhh... Gleep just ordered a mutant trooper pushing a dolly on Primus. No one seems to notice that it's a mutant trooper.

    -Speaking of Gleep, he seems to have just blown a fuse. He introduces Sagitar to COG. Sagitar who's not there.

    -LOL Flogg is dressed as the football coach to give the motivational speech.

    -Optikk has real lines! And Slush Head is a cheerleader.

    -The ambassador is glad to be on Primus. Kill it with fire!!!

    -The power of friendship wins the day, eh? What happened to the screws holding COG's back plate in place?

    Overall, this was a pretty good episode. 7/10

    56. Save Our City

    Mara and Crita's war continues on Necron.


    -I guess we've got an arc here. Episode 3 here.

    -Mara's got a new outfit. Seems a bit... revealing.

    -I think Crita is telling the truth. I think she really is the best fighter among the mutants.

    -Queen Crita. Nice.

    -Uhh, is Mara's tiara and hand outside of the cockpit glass?

    -Wait, why are the good fighters and the Astrosub outside the mine? No! Bad villains!

    -Developing a cough from working in a mine usually means you've got a much shorter lifespan and lots of future health problems. Mayhaps Mara's going to win the battle but lose the war.

    -Mara's hair is a weapon now. I thought that may happen given the spikey gold endcap. The PPP everyone!

    -Wow, a rare appearance of He-mans shield!

    -Nice design touch, the Gleenon rifles match the weapon array of the fighters.

    -Queen Mara? Uh, well, that's different. Guess her subtle bloodthirsty ways have rewarded her with the power she had craved all along!

    Overall, good episode. The ending was a bit overly fast, but it was fun. 7.1/10

    - - - Updated - - -


    57. The Power of the Good and the Way of the Magic

    Skeletor decides to cut Primus off to conquer it, but the first invaded planet pulls a Helms Deep on them.


    -The title fills me with hope.

    -8 planets orbit Primus? Muwha?

    -Adam is a man who'd go crazy if the war on "evil" ended.

    -Flogg is dumber than usual.

    -Ambassador Vemo? Lemo? Bemo? Kill it with fire!!!

    -Flipshots first guess is that everything is a mutant attack, just like Adam. How narrow minded.

    -Lizorr, it's been a long time!

    Solid episode, but also not really noteworthy. I'm not sure how the episode got this title. 7/10

    58. Queens Gambit

    The Sorceress uses her magic to destroy all life on Necron. Mara, Crita, and thousands of Gleebons and Mites die horrific screaming deaths as they burn and their cities are leveled.


    -There's some guardian faces we haven't seen in a while.

    -It's just occured to me, Sorton has a Queen and a President. That's a bit odd.

    -The PPP are really bad at thinking of something other than "Shoot it".

    -Oh no.

    -Oh dear me no.


    An asteroid that size with a density that is clearly quite high (and explicitly stated to be the densest rock) traveling at an artificially enhanced speed that great with the added shelter of Sorceresses Boom Tube to bypass any atmospheric burnup would be an extinction level event to Necron. They'd all be dead. All of them, the entire planet would've been rendered a lifeless nuclear winter world that would kill all higher lifeforms and level every city on the planet among all the catastrophic damage it did. -1/10 Yes. Negative One. I looked back at all the reviews thus far and this episode is a full point worse then 28. Cold Freeze.
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    reply to help you out

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    Quote Originally Posted by MISSILE-TOE View Post
    reply to help you out
    Thank you very much! Here I was thinking it would be a reply to the episode 58's description.

    59. There's Gems in them Hills

    Skeletor convinces pirates that there's gems in abundance on Primus. The plan backfires, per the norm.


    -Skeletor and Crita seem almost like a couple.

    -The "Galactic Guardians" are patroling Denebrian Air Space? That's mutant territory!

    -No one likes Flipshot.

    -Flogg. Dumber than advertised.

    -Ambassador Beemo. Kill it with fire!!!

    -Adam, getting involved in everyones business. Everywhere.

    -Heroic He-man passes off Beemo onto Artilla. Nice.

    -Isn't the lead Pirate just a green Flogg?

    -LOL, neutral bypasser. Man, Skeletor can really set it up. Can't see it through, but can set it up like no one else.

    -Hopefully Skeletor will pay him off this time.

    -Artilla backstory? Yes please!

    -That's a weird panning shot (prior to the Artilla interogation scene)

    -Artilla isn't magnetic?

    -No backstory for Artilla? Boo!

    -He-man and Flipshot stand back to back ready to defend to the end. The first wave of lasers happen and Flipshot runs away and hides behind a pillar. No wonder no one wants Flipshot.

    -Stupid laugh? More hate speech from He-man!

    -Oh good. Beemo is a guardian. Kill it with fire!!!

    Overall. OK. I feel like it made a faux pas in teasing a backstory for Artilla and then not delivering. As a total aside, this is the like the 5th episode in a row to be anti-drug as the post-episode segment. 5/10

    60. The Call to the Games

    Both sides encounter a Death Star. After proving impotent, both sides are challenged to battle each other for the Death Stars controlling forces amusement...


    -Isn't it odd to the other Guardians that Sebrian always calls Adam on his cell phone when there's an emergency?

    -It's the Death Star!

    -UR gets a name drop, but when was the last time we've seen him?

    -He-man doesn't suspect the Mutants? Since when? He usually blames everything on them! It's raining, "Must be the work of the Mutants!"

    -It's actually a really nice shot of the Mother Ship leaving Nordor.

    -Right down the trench, aim for the exhaust port!

    -It's a hit! Negative, Negative, just impacted on the surface.

    -Ah, it's a transformer!

    -Looks like The Eternia is sporting some extra lasers.

    -Some nice animation there.

    -Heh, Skeletor says he's going to do something about it. He-man says the Power of Eternia is going to do something about it.

    -He-man jumps into space again. I almost shouldn't comment on it anymore.

    -If they both accomplish their goals, Skeletor will be by far the more impressive of the two, given that the Eternia is the size of a spike on the mothership.

    -Close enough. Skeletors power there is by far the more impressive.


    -Wow, He-man is mostly KO'd stopping a starship from crashing. Skeletor stops a ship from the same orbit that's about 50x larger and is A-OK. Now who's the most powerful in the universe?

    -Uh, technically Flogg is in charge.

    -More hate speech from He-man. Typical.

    -Weird that they can disable technology and magic.

    -Cliffhanger ending!

    Overall, 8/10

    61. Blacksmith of Crelus

    Buy Hook'em Flogg, Too-Tall Hoove, Spin Fist Hydron, Missle Armor Flipshot, and an Optikk that never came out. Also He-man fools someone else into thinking he's part of the good guys. (He's not.)


    -Part two of what I'm guessing is the endgame of the series.

    -Skeletor to the rescue!

    -Is IG-88 the bartender?

    -Slush Head catches on before Flogg. For shame Flogg. For shame.

    -Meliak, you traiter.

    -Skeletor has eyelids. Not sure we've seen them before. That's a little weird.

    -Yolt? Or Hephestus?

    -Skeletors logic is flawless. He's good.

    -Flipshot, you're in space. Max speed is lightspeed (or faster, depending on the fiction).

    -He-man in space. Yet again.

    -The evil arrives. Isn't it obvious Yolt? He-man the evil just wants you to make weapons for him! Don't fall for it Yolt!

    -Skeletor makes the obvious point. He-man and friends are eager to attack when Skeletor came in peace and returned stolen property.

    -Not the Havoc Staff!?!

    Overall, not bad. 7.2/10

    4 Episodes to go!

    - - - Updated - - -

    New Episodes 10/8

    62. A Time to Leave

    Since Necron was destroyed by the Sorceress in episode 58, nothing happened this week except Crita joined the mutants somehow.


    -Is this the final farewell for these characters? If so, Yay on some of them.

    -Heh, animation goof. Mara is animated walking down the steps, but the steps don't move, it's like she's pretending to walk instead of walking.

    -Skeletor, Spirit of the Forest!

    -He's a mite? That's one big Mite.

    -Glad Skeletors staff is repaired.

    -Admiral Ackbar saw what was coming.

    -Animation goof? Skeletor looks out for Wolk and then teleports away without him, despite saying "We're out of here".

    -Like Superman, He-man has "Repair Great Wall of China" laser power!

    -Poor Optikk. Flogg really needs a taser option for that whip.

    -Now that He-man is buried, kill his friends!

    -Animation goof? Skeletor taps his staff to disapear, poof of smoke and he's still there and the rock shatters in front of him. Or does he have star power now?

    -Don't answer the question on what guides you as "The Power of the--" Too late.

    -Mira? Skeletor hasn't bothered to learn their names, has he? Also, Crita Butt shot!

    -Wow, the Gleenons didn't end up siding with the Mites against the Mutants. Interesting.

    -We still haven't seen Optikks new power. It better be good!

    Overall, this was a rather poorly animated episode. I'm not just talking the errors I pointed out, there were gafs and weirdness all over the place. The plot was OK. 5/10

    63. The Games

    The three episode arc ends. Not with a bang, but a yawn.


    -He-man and the Guardians are watching NA on DVD?

    -Wow, this is terrible animation.

    -Spinwit needs a helmet, but not neck protection or gloves.

    -This is the worst animated episode of the series.

    -Is that an animators thumbprint on the left side of the screen? This is awful!

    -Hee hee, Skeletor wins!

    -Optikk has a missle launcher only? That's lame.

    -Last comment on this. The animation is so bad in this episode.

    Overall. This is pretty bad. The action is paper thin, the animation, well you know. 2/10

    2 episodes to go!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Final Episodes! October 9th

    64. Floggs Revenge

    The Mutants interupt dinner.


    -Ah, the Games Storyarc continues.

    -Flogg seems to have recovered some IQ points here.

    -The captured Astrosub reference!

    -Flogg's whip actually does something usefull? Let's see how long this lasts... Not long.

    -Get. Off. The. Planet. Skeletor.

    -How is there no repercussions to the aliens? Royka and Maldon or whatever their names are. They keep prisoners in tiny cages for who knows how long, travel around the universe in their Death Stars making other races fight for their amusement, but they're not considered evil?

    Overall, blech. It's disjointed and unfocused. 2/10

    65. The Final Invasion

    The aliens turn on He-man, capturing him. The Mutants let slip the dogs of war and conquer Primus. Skeletor and He-man have their final battle. While it all sounds good here, it's much better on paper than reality.


    -Games Storyarc is the final arc.

    -Hah, further evilness on Royka and Maldons behalf.

    -What the Sorceress hasn't appeared to tell He-man about how good can't be caged and He-man frees himself with a snap of his fingers?

    -Ugh. The double standard here for Royka and Maldop and other "clearly intended" to be villainous characters is sickening.

    -Crita already was with the mutants.

    -The Astrosubs launching was well done.

    -The Sorceress makes me want to punch a kitten.

    -Complete Surrender? Blech. Show up Skeletor.


    -Wow, Crita Face Heel Turns on Flogg.


    -He-man crowns Skeletor King. About time.

    -Without his staff Skeletor can't free himself? Blah. Also, we've seen him teleport the staff before.

    Overall, this is a pretty bad episode. The double standard of the aliens is transparant, Skeletor and He-mans final battle is boring, moreso when you compare some of their early battles, and the resolution is extremely forced. Even the invasion and conquest happens in the blink of an eye. 1.5/10
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    So, the series ends with Skeletor crowned King by He-Man himself?! Wow, what a downer ending, but that's cool in a way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malev_Emperor View Post
    So, the series ends with Skeletor crowned King by He-Man himself?! Wow, what a downer ending, but that's cool in a way!
    LOL, no. He-man "crowns" Skeletor King of the losers, it's a verbal insult.
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