Here is a really simple game I just thought up

Think of any movie that you have seen and then describe it's basic plot from start to end. The only rule is that you must get most of it wrong and yet still close enough for people to recognize it.

You can post the title of the movie if you wish or allow people to try and guess what it is, but either way you don't have to wait your turn, just post one as soon as you have thought of it.

For example here is my description of

The Last Unicorn

" It is about this talking horse that has a horn on its head, she is very lonely because all her friends decided to go swimming and didn't invite her. So she runs away to join a circus where she meet a nice young man with a strange desire to wear a pointy hat and a blue dress. But she is still upset that her friends just dumped her so to spite them she turns into a human and moves into a castle with a young prince and his charming old man where they spend each night drinking wine with a really skinny bloke who for some reason likes to sleep on top of an old clock which they mix with copious amounts of red bull. "

oh and

" A vertically challenged person is giving a ring off his "uncle" who then dumps him to go shack up with some tall hot guys. So the little guy decides to return the ring to the store to get a refund. On the way he meets a bunch of people who do nothing but get in his way and a few also try and steal the ring off him, but he is determined to get his refund and so he manages to keep hold of it despite the odds. Eventually he makes it to where the ring came from but before he can ask for his money back some annoying little gimp that has been following him wrestles the ring off him and then proceeds to jump into a lake of lava so he can reenact a scene from Terminator 2. But even with the ring gone and the little guy unable to get a refund all is not lost as some old guy he met appears with a couple of birds and they all go home and live happily ever after"

so get describing those movies