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Thread: Rare and Oddball MOTU items Books/record sets, RPG, Colorforms, party supplies etc

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    Rare and Oddball MOTU items Books/record sets, RPG, Colorforms, party supplies etc

    Hey all

    I've been seling off my Vintage MOTU collection for the past few month's on Ebay and I figured I would let the board have a crack at the stuff. I don't have the room for all this stuff anymore especially with Castle Grayskull coming!!! This is a collection of the more obscure or weird MOTU items/collectibles I have. All prices include shipping to the US only. International buyers can discuss shipping options if interested. Paypal only and you must pay 3% or send money as a gift. I have over 200 Transactions on Ebay with 100% positive Feedback. Ebay name is Godmaximonius

    Hordak Dress-up kit Horde Armband $25.00

    MOTU RPG 100% complete. Box has some damage but all pieces included $35.00

    MOTU Colorforms 100% complete unused $30

    MOTU Giant Picture Books Heroic Warrior Book and Evil warriors Book $16.00 each or $28 for both

    MOTU Coloring Book SOLD!!!

    MOTU unused Burger King Kids Meal Box slight yellowing/water damage at the top $8.00

    Sealed MOTU Kite unused. Kite Feature Picture of Battle Armor He-man and Skeletor in battle $30.00

    MOTU sealed Party Supplies. Cups, plates, Favor bags, Tabe cloth, Table centerpiece $25.00

    MOTU wrapping paper SOLD!!!

    Issues 1-4 of Marvel/Star MOTU comics all VF-NM $20

    I also these book and record sets. Some have writing or coloring in them. Some may be missing the records. All these prices DO NOT include shipping

    Battle Under Snake Mountain (no record) $5.00
    Caverns Of Fear (no record) $5.00
    Revenge Of Skeletor (no record, coloring in book) $3.00
    The Trap ( Golden book) 5.00
    Caverns Of Fear w/ record very Nice! $15.00
    Thief Of Castle Grayskull (golden Book) $5.00
    Mask Of Evil (Golden Book) $5.00
    Thief Of Castle Grayskull (no record) $5.00
    Prisoner in the Slime Pit (no record) $8.00
    Revenge Of Skeletor w record ( coloring in book) 7.00
    Caverns Of Fear w record (writing in Book) $8.00
    Thief of Castle Grayskull w record $15.00
    He-man and Battle Cat w Record (coloring in the book) 7.00
    Castle Grayskull w record (coloring in Book) $7.00
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    Hey buddy i am really interested in the Prisoner in the slime pit book any chance you could do international shipping as i live in Denmark
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    Are you still selling that Burger King box?
    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

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    Ill take the prisoner in the slime pit book if available. I'm in Florida. Tried to pm but box is full.

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    i am interested in the colorforms......

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    I am VERY intrigued by the RPG item, can you send me some more pics of the contents?
    thanks in advance!

    MOTU RPG 100% complete. Box has some damage but all pieces included $35.00

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    I want to buy the party supplies and burger king box. I tried to PM you but it says your inbox is full

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