View Poll Results: What playset would like after Grayskull and Snake Mountain?

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  • The Fright Zone

    73 40.56%
  • The Crystal Castle

    34 18.89%
  • Eternos Palace

    19 10.56%
  • The Towers of Eternia

    29 16.11%
  • Castle Bright Moon

    4 2.22%
  • Other (please specify)

    15 8.33%
  • None

    6 3.33%
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Thread: Future Playset

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    Future Playset

    So, assuming Snake Mountain to be the next playset after Grayskull, what playset would fans like to see after it?

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    Either the slime pit or a proper Horde Fright Zone.
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    I should have voted Other so I could vote Slime Pit.

    But realistically, I'd think based on Grayskull specs alone, they could do a combo of both, since the were both Horde Presence on Eternia.

    BUt Fright Zone.

    Though you really could build the Slime PIt into it. I dont know.

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    I want Moon Nordor.

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    In a perfect world (or a movie year!) Mattel would cover all bases, but in reality, i'd have to side with Hordak and say Fright Zone for me too.
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    The Crystal Castle.

    Followed closely by the Fright Zone.

    Then the Towers of Eternia.

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    Eternos Palace is the most important playset that hasn't been released in any form yet. It was the most common location by far in the Filmation series, the home of all the main heroic characters and the starting point of most plots, and contains such iconic settings as the Royal Throne Hall, Man-at-Arm's laboratory, and Orko's bedroom.

    Also, if Mattel Design were smart enough, they could make it happen with a relatively constrained budget, since in its most iconic Filmation incarnation, the symmetrical circular geometry readily lends itself to modularization (unlike highly asymmetrical Castle Grayskull). That is, they would only need to mold a quadrant (or even just an octant) of the structure and sell it as a build-a-palace kit for, say, $100. Those with limited display space could do with just one quadrant of the palace (e.g., to place in a corner), and those with more space and/or budget could buy multiples of it to interconnect into a half or a full palace. Then, the interior props (such as the royal thrones and Orko's bed) should be sold as separate diorama add-ons (just like Grayskull's weapons rack), so as to market them both to people with enough space to buy the playset and place them inside it, and to people with more limited displays with room only for dioramas of specific locations (such the throne hall).
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    I want the Slime Pit. It wouldn't be expensive, allows for some nice sculpting, and isn't too large. Include a translucent green slime pit He-Man and you have a real winner on your hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbecue17 View Post
    I want the Slime Pit. It wouldn't be expensive, allows for some nice sculpting, and isn't too large. Include a translucent green slime pit He-Man and you have a real winner on your hands.
    I agree, the Slime Pit was by far more popular than the Fright Zone with kids an fans. So I would much rather that be made THEN after that make the Fright Zone or any other they wanted to make

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    The Fright Zone...Hordak needs a place to put his stuff.
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    MOTUC Eternia Playset for me ! The holy Grail of them all !

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    The Towers!!! That'd be so cool!
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    Honestly, I'd prefer some of the mini playsets first. Point Dread, then the Slime Pit, maybe the vintage Fright Zone (I'd love to have the Filmation version as well, but that's not very realistic; in order to have it fit just one action figure inside, the base would be over three feet in diameter!).

    For the next large one, I think I'd want to see the Crystal Castle: Filmation design with some of the interior details from the original playset. The Eternia Towers might seem unlikely because of the size, but if released individually, I think they could be affordable.
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    N7 Horde Operative hadley's Avatar
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    I voted fot the Towers, but I'd be happy just with Central Tower.

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    TWIGGET ENTHUSIAST! Swifty's Avatar
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    The Crystal Castle.

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    the fright zone would be most fun as a play set & display piece.
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    -Fright Zone
    Filmation of course. Evildustrial facade in front, throne room with high stepped altar, computers, large veiw screens, large tenacle monster in back.
    Also with large playmat depicting toxic fluids and iron grating.

    -Eternos Palace
    Large pink half dome with throne room inside. His and hers thrones and awesome Kirbyesque deco. Long "concrete" wall that extends off one side of
    the dome depicting the courtyard featuring rectangular stone benches, a fountain, exotic foliage and more.

    -Mystic Mountains
    ...or "Zodak's Sanctuary". Faux mountain top with a large one-roomed tower. Half-octogon with windows and detailed wood grain. Accessories include the Mystic Weapons Rack with a half dozen ultimate weapons, and the Enforcer's Chair. A guy can dream.

    -Whispering Woods
    Modular playset that makes an even bigger forest by buying multiple. Throw in some catapults, picnic tables, some Twiggets etc. This playset can also be used as an Eternian Forest.

    -Crystal Castle
    ...with Light Hope and whatever else should go in there. Wasn't there a bed in there or something?

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    Heroic Rock Warrior jdscissorhands's Avatar
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    I'd love a Brightmoon Palace and an Eternos Palace. These never made it back in the 1980s, I think they would be great in toyform!

    As for the Fright Zone, I'd much prefer a Filmation one: I find it scarier than the actual playset from the vintage MOTU...
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    The Filmation Fright Zone was so scary looking, the toy version was just silly.

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    Heroic Warrior jzachery's Avatar
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    Point dread!

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    Snappy Threader
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    Quote Originally Posted by jzachery View Post
    Point dread!
    Yeah Point Dread if they could find a way for it to fit on the upcoming CG.

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    I'd like to see the Crystal Castle, with it predominately Filmation and some toy details mixed within.

    Filmation Fright Zone is a dream, otherwise I'd have given that priority.
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    A Damn Mitten....
    Eternos Palace....

    He-Man, Orko, Prince Adam, Man-At-Arms & Sorceress have Grayskull possibly coming....
    Skeletor, Beast Man, Evil-Lyn, Trap Jaw & a the other Skeletor baddies would have Snake Mt.

    Randor & the royal Family need their place too....the Palace could display all of the heroic Warriors, as all of them have been there at least once....but I would love to see it in Filmation style.

    Grayskull is cool, but not all the heroic guys have been there, or go there often.
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    i always thought there were two fright zones one on eternia another on etheria. eternia was the swamp caves and etheria was the technological monstrosity

    goes with my idea for combining the canons- myp hordak is horde prime from filmation when grayskull destroyed his body he became an astral form and it was him that gave the bargain to keldor to make him skeletor by taking a demon from the astral plain and merging them

    filmation hordak is the hordak who stole adora and got trapped in etheria he is the old teacher of skeletor and after seeing horde prime get disintegrated focused on technology to make sure he is more powerful than anyone
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    Castle Grayskull
    A Filmation-inspired Fright Zone Playset would be great!

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