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First post here, thought I would try something. Not really fan fiction (prologue aside, which is in prose) as it is essentially in bullet point form. Ended up scribbling it down on the computer over a weekend when I had a huge pile of work to do and kept getting distracted!

It pulls together various strands: MOTUC, UK comics, Filmation, etc.

Prose Prologue: The Ebbing Fire

The young girl knew that the man was unaccountably old, although he looked to be young – aside from his eyes. The man’s eyes glittered blue, purple and an impossible black, just like the large star imprinted across his forehead. The shifting colours seemed faster and livelier in light of the fire.
“Tell me it all, please, Scrollos,” implored the girl.
Scrollos – for he was the ageless yet ancient man – laughed and shucked his high-backed collar. “I have told you so many times!” Scrollos rebuked her mildly, with a grin. The girl looked sad and Scrollos again remembered with a heavy heart just why it could be told endlessly for him, but only ever once for her.
“You know everything, Scrollos!” said the girl, admiringly.
Scrollos nodded at the fire, and the girl was unsurprised to see images dancing in it. “Nobody knows everything,” he said. “Not even me. I can tell you of the Ancients – of Keclar and Eldor and the Unnamed One. But even I can only guess about the Time Before. Everyone now knows that Eternia is at the centre of the universe, and that there are 5 special dimensions within the wider universe. Some people think that all of reality is made up of numbers, and that the number 5 is the most powerful of all.” He paused as the images above the fire seemed to resolve themselves into 5 different visions. Scrollos nodded at each one in turn as he described them. “Here are representatives of the 5 Gods that some say even the Ancients believed in, and the powers that belief handed down through the ages. Yet if they were ever real then I do not believe they were Gods, simply manifestations of forces of reason and nature, appearing to us as great symbols or animals. Through the ages people have claimed them as good or evil, but they all could be either of these, or both or neither.”
The first image was of a bird of prey, and the girl could see a line of warrior women and enchantresses in bird armour and wielding bird staffs. “The Falcon,” explained Scrollos. “Many times later its name, Zoar, would be used by others. It is said to represent Wisdom.” He paused.
The second image was of a snake, and the girl could also see an army in tribute to it and a huge stone idol of it wrapped around a mountain. “The Serpent,” said Scrollos. “One day its worshippers would refer to it as Serpos. It is said to represent Rage.”
The third image was of a cat, and the girl could also see a mountain-dwelling race of cat-people, duelling green and purple cats, a vast underground city, a huge tower with a cat-face and a cruel-looking woman with a cat mask. “The Feline,” gestured Scrollos. “It represents Duality and Change.”
The fourth image was of a bat, which seemed to ebb between black and red. Vast armies seemed to march in its name across space and time. “The Bat,” sighed Scrollos. “Representing the Many In The Darkness. Perhaps the most misconstrued of them all as purely evil, but what is light without darkness?”
Lastly, the fifth image surprised the girl. It was a mirror, which seemed particularly impossible in the depths of the fire, yet the mirror did not show the girl’s image, even as she stared at it. Deep within the mirror was an apparently simple geometric shape. “Ah,” said Scrollos. “This is the most mysterious of all.” He ruffled the girl’s hair. “It won’t work for you, but this mirror reflects the person looking. This image is for Man, and by Man I really mean human. Man is supposed to be all of these things the other 4 represent, and can be capable of love or cruelty, hatred or mercy.” He paused, before pointing at the shape. “Can you describe that shape to me?”
The girl squinted but gave up. “No,” she sighed. “Although I feel as though I should, I feel as though it should be simple.”
“You are right, it should,” agreed Scrollos. “But the Symbol of Man is ever changing. It is supposed to represent how it touches all. Sometimes it simply shows two connected elements – perhaps light and dark, or male and female: two vertical lines connected by a central horizontal line. Sometimes it shows the connections as a cross held either straight or diagonal, sometimes as a simple central circle with its petals blooming out like a flower. Sometimes it is like the cross or the flower but from its centre it radiates bones.”
He paused. “It is a circle, yet with items stepping out of the circle. The beast elements may represent the eternal circle of life, yet Man brings perspective. Man brings time. Man breaks the circle with his perceptions, but in a very real way, he brings death to the immortals. Who knows who really broke the circle? Was it the representative of Man or Woman? Or someone less obvious? A walking representation of death? Or perhaps a lost traveller from far beyond our own horizons…”
Scrollos looked away from the fire, out towards the plains of the planet. He could see the ruins of his city-sized spaceship in the distance – no longer needed, its robot crew was busy dismantling what was left. He then looked up to the mighty fortress overlooking the plain. He nodded towards the Castle. “Anyway, some say that all these creatures – these elements - were real once. That Man died, and his skull became the basis for that fortress.”
The girl frowned at him. “That doesn’t seem too likely,” she mused.
Scrollos simply shrugged, a rare occurrence for him.
The girl thought some more about what she had been told, rubbing her glittering emerald skin. “I am Man,” she said, “Or Woman, certainly. And I think it’s pretty obvious about my Snake connections.” Scrollos nodded. She needn’t go on, he had seen her become a green falcon often enough, or change her position in time or space, or melt into a legion of shadows. “So I suppose 5 is important for me too.” She looked down at her feet. “Can you tell me the story you know about now?” she asked. “I’ve been looking forward to it all day.”
Scrollos sighed. “Just like history itself used to be, you live in circles!” he laughed at his young ward. “I will tell you then, of the 5 Great Ones – of He-Man, She-Ra, King Grayskull and the 2 He-Roes. I will tell you of the Councils – of Ancients, Elders and Wisdom. I will tell you of the Unnamed One, and Trollah and Earth and the Horde Empire and Primus and the Two Great Prophecies and your parents. And I will tell you about You, which is why you never remember this tale after it is told. And then you must rest before you resume your training tomorrow.”
The girl clapped with delight. “Thank you!” she squealed.
“Hush, Sharella,” Scrollos told her calmly, tending the ebbing fire as he began. “In the beginning…”