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Thread: pH6 takes a look at She-Ra Annual 1988

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    pH6 takes a look at She-Ra Annual 1988

    It's time for another of my not-even-annual reviews...except this particular time. And that's The Truth, can you seriously think of me reading a She-Ra book? Also, as an important reminder, I wish to take this moment to emphasize that I still do not like the premise of She-Ra or the main character, and no Adora, you still won't be 'getting me yet'! That out of the way...

    First things that one notices are certain artistic liberties taken on the background stories. Like for example He-Man giving Spirit to his sister - although Bow's horse is also winged which makes Swift Wind's ability to fly that much less impressive.

    But other than that, this book is filled with world-class literature. We have soldier who battled against the Horde in the past...and Madame Razz hypnotizing herself to sleep. We have a creature of evil who is very much like Filmation Zodak is to the balancce between good and evil. We have a Glimmer who wishes to win a beauty contest. We have jealousy between Shadow Weaver and Catra to the lever that Shadow Weaver warns Rebels of Catra's plan. We have creatures who worship Horda, and that gets abused by Hordak. And we have attention-craving Hordak who gives away his hideout because nobody seemed to notice he had succeeded for a change. A wonderful varying mixture of events and creatures that works.
    Plus the stories contain wonderful dialog and living descriptions, with events that for the most part make sense. A rare treat I might add...Not once are we insulted with 'Where's Adora?' 'Oh, she's safe!' in the middle of a war zone or volcano land or whatever. And also the artwork is pleasant to ones eyes, when you get over the fact that Hordak is in Filmation colours. For me it was making me expect a written *SNORT* all over the place. One, if not the best book I've read about Eternia or Etheria. That's especially surprising considering how much quality in general seemed to go down in books as years went by and the previous Annual was...quite less spectacular.

    I strongly suggest the book to everybody - even a known She-Nayer like myself could be seeing things differently if this had been my first contact with her.

    I'll rate She-Ra, Princess of Power World I.P. Annual 1988 9,5/10.
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