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Thread: Will the MV Comic Encyclopedia ever be online?

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    Will the MV Comic Encyclopedia ever be online?

    So according to the FAQ section there are plans to one day release the remaining content of the encyclopaedia online.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lioncourt View Post
    Q: Whatever happened to issues #2 - #5 of the Season 1 Encyclopedia?
    A: Sadly, the Encyclopedia got cancelled due to legal issues right after #1 was released. MVC however want to use the artwork somewhere else, and plan to "release" the remaining 4 issues at, along with more in-depth bios.
    I've found issue one in the comics section, but still no sign of issues 2-5.

    Have those plans changed, are there still legal issues with the material or are you still working on getting the content up on the site?

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    It may go online some day.

    No immediate plans from what I gather, because that FAQ is very, very old. From time before MOTUC line began.
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    I still want to see this happen.
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    I have been looking for a print copy of this for years to no avail.....

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    Aaaahhhhh...............You really need to change the title of this thread. I got really excited there.

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    I'd really love this to happen. I have the first issue, it was and is really fun. I don't have much use for the gaming power levels stuff, but the art and story were great!
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    I want this so bad
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