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Thread: Jon M. Chu talks Masters of the Universe - interview

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    Jon M. Chu talks Masters of the Universe - interview

    Original article here:

    While Chu finishes off G.I. Joe, he’s also spending his time working on another, hotly anticipated toy to TV to movie adaptation, "Masters of the Universe." While it’s still early going, Chu is still eager to jump right into the world of Eternia. “I’m really excited about that one!” said Chu. “We’re really early in the process… We’re working on the script, to make it better and stronger. We’re designing a bunch of stuff. I learned on Joe that to make it right, you have to do a lot of experimenting first, and you have to trust that during the process you’ll find where the tonal line is… It’s so delicate.

    “'Masters of the Universe' means so much to a lot of people out there – and myself as well. I don’t want to disappoint my friends!” continued Chu. “We all grew up with Masters, played with the toys… I had a Castle Grayskull, played with the toys, I had a Battle Cat. We’re just designing now, going to far on some things, pulling back on others… Making it more real, or more fantastic. We’re trying to find that line as we go.

    “A lot of people ask, who are you going to cast? We’re not even there yet, we’re just trying to get the character of the movie down. This is one of the most fun parts, where all the possibilities are open, and we’re just playing in the sandbox.”

    So given Chu is early in the process, will he aim to shoot in 3-D so he doesn’t end up in the same situation that led to "G.I. Joe’s" delay? “It’s not always my choice!” said Chu, laughing. “I love 3-D, and for certain movies it can be really great, and for certain movies it can be poison. As we figure out the character of the movie, I think we’ll have a better feel for it. Of course, I love 3-D – a movie like Masters in 3-D would be amazing… To be in that world would be a crazy, crazy experience. We’ll see what Sony decides.”

    We also asked whether Chu would be pulling at all from the recent DC Comics reboot of Masters of the Universe. He did say that he’s looked at the comics, and spent a lot of time at Mattel reviewing all iterations of the franchise – but right now, there’s no one source he’s drawing on for the movie. Instead, the Director said he’s immersing himself in the world, same as he did for the "Step Up" movies, and "G.I. Joe".

    “Going into 'Masters of the Universe' is the same experience,” said Chu. “Right now, I’m just soaking it all in. Learning, watching, listening, reading a lot. Any blogs that are out there, or people who have opinions. I’m just soaking it in, and feeling what the environment is in this world. I know what I personally feel about Masters, but there is something to be said for experiencing what other people experience in the world.”
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    I already made a thread for this.

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