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Thread: compatible Battle Cat saddles

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    compatible Battle Cat saddles

    I want to display my Faker with a deflocked Panthor. I'm aware of a KO version of the Battle Cat/Panthor saddle in silver which I have not been able to find for sale. What about the Imperial series, dragons/horses/etc, do any of those saddles fit the BC body well? Or some other line? I want it in either orange, purple or silver.

    I considered painting one but BC saddles are cast in waxy plastic which may not take paint very well and would be a problem for the flexible belt.

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    I've never seen Battle Cat and Panthor saddles in silver before. But I advice you not to sell knockoff versions of both saddles if you have them, diosoth.
    I guess that saddles from other vintage MOTU creatures will not fit both Battle Cat and Panthor.
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