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Thread: MOTU & She-Ra Cartoon Viewing Order?

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    MOTU & She-Ra Cartoon Viewing Order?


    Thanks to Netflix, I'm watching He-Man and the MOTU for the first time in almost 30 years! They also have She- Ra (which I haven't yet). Should I watch ALL of the MOTU cartoon and then She-Ra or do the shows overlap?

    I'm just curious to know if there is a special viewing order. Thanks!

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    There's no overlap, but production order and broadcast order within the two series don't always agree, so there are a couple weird cases where characters get their returns before their first appearances. Does Season 1 of He-Man start with "The Cosmic Comet" or "Diamond Ray of Disappearance"? If the first, they're in production order and you may have to check for weirdness like that; if the second, then you should be able to just go straight through.

    In any case, there's no overlap in production--you can go straight from the end of He-Man into the start of She-Ra without any issues. The Christmas Special fits in after She-Ra Season 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew L. Martin View Post
    The Christmas Special fits in after She-Ra Season 1.
    We see Flutterina in the Christmas Special, but Flutterina was introduced in the show in season 2, episode 3 "Out Of The Cocoon", so the Christmas Special should be watched at least after that episode if you wanna follow the story in every detail.

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    I've just started watching the original He-Man cartoon for the first time since the 80s and I'm planning to watch everything through in order up to the end of The New Adventures Of He-Man. I was wondering where The Secret Of The Sword fits in since it came out the same year as the Christmas Special and season one of She-Ra.

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    "The Secret of the Sword" movie is a condensed and very slightly altered version of the first five episodes of She-Ra, so you can watch it before watching She-Ra season one, or even skip it altogether as you will repeat it anyway with the first five episodes of She-Ra. As for the Christmas special, I personally just view it as a finale to both series combined (so after the end of She-Ra due to newer character appearances). Seems to fit well enough.

    My preferred viewing order for continuity:

    He-Man Season 1
    He-Man Season 2
    The Secret of the Sword (skippable due to first five episodes of She-Ra)
    She-Ra Season 1 (can skip first five episodes if viewing Secret of the Sword movie)
    She-Ra Season 2
    Christmas Special
    New Adventure
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    You can pretty much watch them in any order. She-Ra's season one was being produced at the same time as the latter half of He-Man's season two. The only links are really a brief appearance of the Sword of Protection in a flashback and some of the music more closely associated with She-Ra in the He-Man episodes.

    However, there are several inconsistencies regarding the order of some of the She-Ra episodes. I'm a bit of a geek for this, so I'll list some of the main offenders below:

    - Modulok - he arrived on Etheria in Gateway to Trouble and was shown to have built Multi-Bot by the time Black Snow showed. However, Multi-Bot had already appeared in Horde Prime Takes A Holiday, 15 or so episodes before Modulok set foot on Etheria. I seem to remember there being a connection to the Velvet Glove, Horde Prime's ship, in Birds of a Feather too - that also would have swapped the logical order of those episodes.
    - In Enemy With My Face, Hordak says that nobody has ever escaped the slave planet of Mondor - except the Rebels did in The Mines of Mondor which aired before that episode. Modulok also appears in Enemy With My Face, to add to the confusion....!
    - There's the query around Fluttering's origin - in Out Of The Cocoon, one of the early season two episodes. But, as has already been noted, she had already appeared in A Christmas Special and in the background of the Enchanted Castle episode.
    - This is quite pernickety, but I always thought Peekablue's courage in One To Count On shouldn't have pre-dated her cowardice in The Perils Of Peekablue. I'd reorder them...although interestingly, I seem to remember reading that One To Count On was actually one of the last episodes to go into production, even though it ended up being the inaugural episode of season two.
    - Lastly, the first two episodes featuring Sorrowful the Dragon should be swapped round, as the Rebels effectively meet him in his second appearance, if you go by the production order.

    Hope that helps - or maybe it's confused things even more.
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