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Thread: Rank Snout Spout's Importance

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    Rank Snout Spout's Importance

    Next up is the hero with the hose nose, Snout Spout!

    This is a multiple choice poll with 2 categories to vote in. The first category is whether or not you would buy a variant of this character. The second category is the overall importance you feel this character brings to the franchise.

    Variant worthy?

    Variant Worthy: This is a character that you believe is variant worthy. You're willing to purchase different variants of this character even if your favorite version is the first one released. Matty can certainly put them in MOTUC's quarterly variant slot for you.

    Not Variant Worthy: You don't feel this character needs any variants whatsoever. You only hope that when they make this character that they get them right the first time around. You do not want to be taken for the ass.


    A-List: Integral to the story and the franchise. MOTU isn't MOTU without them. This is a core character that is extremely important to you. If Mattel doesn't make them, someone will have some serious explaining to do!

    B-List: They might not be integral to the story in your eyes but this is an excellent supportive character that helps to round out the story, franchise and your collection.

    C-List: You feel this is a good guest star type of character. You don't expect to see them hanging around the supportive crew all the time but you still want to see them show up to lend a helping hand now and then.

    D-List: Fills the role of background character and cameo maker for you. You acknowledge their existence but in a very limited way. This is an "okay" character.

    Z-List: You'd rather forget about this character entirely. Should they never be mentioned again in MOTU-lore, you would be quite happy. This character would kill teh lien for you.
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    D -Not Variant Worthy

    ...though a Horde version of this guy would be much more interesting. He's just another mort that gets by due to nostalgia.

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    C-list, and, though I'd personally love a peasant version, I don't really think he's variant worthy. I love that he's an Etherian though. He's both PoP and MOTU!

    I just wish his trunk had been constructed better. A sturdier replacement head would rock, Matty!
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    C-List and Not Variant Worthy. I must be the only person who doesn't mind Snout Spout. Shame Mattel couldn't get the soft plastic right for his Snout...
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    C-list and not variant worthy...but I forgot to check the not variant worthy box in the poll.
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    I voted D & no, I have no care for him at all.
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    C list for me, not variant worthy.

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    I voted D & variant before everyone rolls their eyes lol, I only said he was worth a variant because 5 years from now I'd like to have one who still has his trunk.

    Mattel won't fix it or even cast one in all plastic & sell it seperate. So.. why not make Hose Nose with the furry undies like in one of his POP appearances outside of the sub?

    Mattel gets to justify another toy, we get a correct head.

    Ideal? Hell no. Will it happen? Probably not, but it's the only way we'll ever get a "good" Snout Spout.

    I kinda feel sick that I just seriously suggested a D-list variant.
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    IMHO, he's one of the singe most worthless characters ever conceived. If they ever made the Widgets (god forbid), he'd get ranked below them on my list.
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    Snout Spout as Head of the Firemen/crisis response team is a very poised to be important character. I'd love to see this. Ever since the use of his design in designing the firemen from the 200x comic (thanks val) I loved this connection. Guard working with the CRT/Fire folk, with Snout Spout being akin to Man at arms almost.

    Mind you this is my hearsay. But I still think he'd be a great candidate to get more inclusion. Plus if you went with his head being a removable helmet to cover his vader/robocop like cyborg damaged face, play up his suffering angle/sympathy.

    GO Snout

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    Definitely not variant worthy to me.
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    I voted Z-list, but maybe he's more D-list. He's kind of cute. Completely ridiculous, but MOTU wouldn't be MOTU without some of that element.

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    No variant, solid B-list! Always loved this cat- and the Classic version is awesome!

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