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Thread: DC Comics Presents #47 in a movie!

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    DC Comics Presents #47 in a movie!

    I was just watching the movie Bad Boys, with Sean Penn from 1983, and noticed that the kid who got raped and murdered, was reading DC Comics Presents #47. For those of you who don't know, that is the comic where Superman and He-man meet each other for the first time and fight. The average viewer wouldn't even notice it, it isn't even that clear, but I was like "Wait a minute!" and rewound and paused it to make sure. I think it's so cool that this comic is in a movie. I just wish it was in a less brutal/violent movie.

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    I know that issue #1 of the DC mini-series showed up in an episode of the old Nickelodeon show "You Can't Do That on Television." It was seeing that which taught me that there were MotU comics prior to the Star series I was familiar with.

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    LOL - nice find! That movie was as good as "Scared Straight" for keeping me on the straight and narrow path! No way I wanted to get busted and go to Juvie.

    I did like that lil jewish guy that made Clancy Brown's radio explode near his face. Damn, now I wanna see this again.

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