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Thread: Crazy Barbecue's Trading Post: DCUC figures for sale (more stuff to come!)

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    Crazy Barbecue's Trading Post: DCUC figures for sale (more stuff to come!)

    **ALL Prices CUT** Everything must go!

    All figures are loose with all accessories (not BAF parts or stands) unless otherwise noted. All my figures are in excellent shape and were either displayed in a smoke free home or put in storage. I take paypal! I ship cheap and will ship anywhere I can!

    Update as of 10/11/12: For every $100 in stuff I sell from this thread, I'll make a $5 donation to Everyone wins when you buy from me!

    Check through my list to find DCUC, JLU, Marvel Legends, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and more

    Sinestro (wave 3)
    Dr. Impossible
    Kid Flash *Pending sale*
    Booster Gold (classic)
    Commander Steel
    Black Adam
    Dr. Mid Nite
    Mary Batson (white outfit)
    Superman (red and black S)
    Poison Ivy (DC Direct, Hush)
    Naut Kei Loi (does not include Medaphyl head)

    $11 Public Enemies Superman
    Ocean Warrior Aquaman
    Sinestro Corps. Sinestro (wave 3)
    Superman (wave 6, classic costume)
    Cyborg Superman (Sinestro Corps)
    Cyborg Superman
    B’wana beast (Matty exclusive)
    Nightlik (inclues Skellox hands but not head)

    $16~ Abin Sur and Hal Jordan two pack- 1st appearance

    $32~ Color of Fear- Romat Ru, Karu Sil, (no construct)

    BAF parts:
    Chemo Torso w/ bubbles $9
    Darkseid Torso w/ motherbox $5
    Solomon Grundy Torso w/o arm sockets $4
    Chemo Left arm $4
    Kalibak Left arm $4
    Stel left leg $4
    Stel Right Leg $4
    Ultra Humanite right arm w/ computer chip $5
    Brimstone Right arm $12
    Atom Smasher left arm $6
    Giganta left arm $8
    Trigon Right arm and staff $6
    Solomon Grundy Right arm $8
    Solomon Grundy Right leg $14
    Kalibak Right leg $3
    Gorilla Grodd Left arm $4
    Brimstone waist $5
    Brimstone right leg $8
    Atom Smasher left leg $5
    Brimstone left leg $9
    Gorilla Grodd right leg $8

    Triad Toys 1/6th- Complete with boxes!
    Dead Cell Dakota $75
    Gunn 4 Hire Lola $100

    Star Wars: I have vintage, POTF, Ep 1, 2, and 3, Trilogy, Saga, and Vintage. Send me your list!
    Bend'ems Wicket from the early 90's- $3
    ROTJ Chief Chirpa- complete, but w/ bent staff-$7
    ROTJ Chief Chirpa- No staff, heavy paint wear- $4
    ROTJ Chief Chirpa- no accessores and some major paint loss- $3
    ROTJ Logray- complete- $7
    ROTJ Wicket- no spear- $7
    ROTJ Paploo- no staff- $9 (Pending)
    ROTJ Romba- no accessories $18
    Ewoks King Gorneesh-(villian from the Ewoks cartoon)- missing staff- $12
    Ewok throne (carrying frame missing)- $3

    G.I. Joe: I have vintage, New sculpt, and DTC. Send me your list! Make me an offer on 1 or many!
    Vintage G.I. Joes
    Short-Fuze- Straight arm, complete, minor paint wear on fingers- $10
    Doc- Complete- $15
    Destro- Complete, minor paint wear on wrists, loose knees -$10
    Cobra Commander- Complete- minor paint wear on visor, hips a little loose- $15
    Torpedo- Really rough shape- includes backpack with small crack- $2
    Blowtorch- Complete- $10
    Cutter- Broken crotch, minor paint wear- $4
    Deep Six- minor paint wear, loose left arm, no bellows- $4
    Spirit- Complete, minor discoloration on shirt, scuffed wrist bands- $12
    Scrap Iron- Minor paint scuffs, includes original missile launcher and weapons pack pistol and controller- $8
    Scrap Iron- Minor paint scuffs, complete, remote control cord missing (only control), pistol warped- $6
    Buzzer- complete- $12
    Crimson Guard- complete, cobra logo faded but visible- $14
    Snow Serpent- only missing missile stand- $15
    Iceberg- complete -$7
    Leatherneck-complete $8
    Beach Head- Complete, ammo case strap split- $10
    Dial-Tone- Includes gun and backpack, backpack microphone broken off and missing- $5
    Mainframe- Missing walkie talkie, minor paint wear on helmet brim- $5
    Roadblock- complete, but Tripod has been replaced with a weapons pack tripod- $7
    Wet-Suit- Includes backpack, sled, and replacement flippers. Pegs on mask broke off.- $6
    B.A.T.S.- Complete- Sticker is included but has been removed from chest.- $18
    Dr. Mindbender- Complete- $12
    Monkeywrench- Complete- $7
    Strato-Viper- Complete $10
    Serpentor- missing dagger. Cloak is ripped. $8
    Thrasher- Complete- $10
    Viper- Complete, but tip of rifle broke off. $13
    Zandar- complete, but needs a new o-ring- $8
    Zandar- Needs new o-ring, missing left lower arm- $2
    Zarana-w/o earrings, complete- $7
    Crystal Ball- No shield- $5
    Golobulus- complete, small crack in torso- $6
    Blaster- Complete, small paint wear on brim- -$7
    Red Dog- Complete- $8
    Croc Master- includes Croc and leash- $7
    Nemesis Enforcer- Complete- $8
    Knockdown- complete, gun missing side handle- $5
    Chuckles- missing pistol- $5
    Crazylegs- missing stock- $5
    Falcon- includes backpack only- $6
    Fast Draw- missing blue hose- $7
    Gung-Ho- includes sword, scabbard broken.
    Jinx- includes 1 sword, some paint ware on fingers
    Jinx- some paint wear on dragon emblem
    Outback- broken crotch, includes backpack and web gear- $4
    Psyche-Out- missing wrist bracelets, head antenna broken- $5
    Sneak-Peek- missing handle and microphone, paint scuff on stomach- $5
    Steam Roller- missing knife- $7
    Avalanche- Missing Microphone- $7
    Mercer- small scuff on hair, silencer broken off of pistol- $6
    Taurus- missing pistol- $6
    Big Boa- missing left glove and hose- $7
    Cobra Commander (battle armor)- missing hose $6
    Ice Viper- Complete- $15
    Raptor- Falcon missing feet, stain on wings- $6
    Techno-Viper- complete- $11
    Zanzibar- bent spear and hammer, missing pistol- $4
    Royal Guard- missing pistol and antennae- $10
    Wildcard- Complete, paint scuffs from helmet- $4
    Hardball- Complete- $7
    Shockwave- missing pistol, silencer broken off of uzi- $6
    Skidmark- complete- $5
    Budo- missing silver sword and helmet ornament- $4
    Charbroil- complete, paint scuff on hair- $7
    Ghost Rider- missing scarf- $9
    Hit and Run- Missing knife and grappling hook- $6
    Lightfoot- complete, some stress marks on antenna, robot sticker missing- $5
    Repeater- Complete $10
    Sgt. Slaughter- $10
    Spearhead and Max- complete- $10
    Destro (IG)- complete-dirty cape $6
    Ferret- Broken Hip- $1
    Hydro-Viper- missing knife, spear bent- $7
    Iron Grenadier- needs o-ring, missing sword and pistol- $8
    Road Pig- complete, hammer handle broken in half- $6
    Secto- Viper- Complete, broken hip hinge- $15
    Toxo-Viper- complete, backpack tanks broken off- $8
    Voltar- needs new o-ring, vulture's feet missing- $4
    Psyche-Out- missing wrist receivers, 1 wrist satelite, pistol, 1 backpack antennae-$13
    Tunnel Rat- missing flashlights, satchel- $18
    Tiger Force
    Flint- missing Shotgun- $7
    Bazooka- complete, broken crotch- $6
    Duke- broken crotch, missing binoculars- $7
    Frostbite- Complete $10
    Lifeline- v1 pistol, backpack antenna broken $7
    Roadblock- complete-$10
    Tripwire- missing 1 mine- $7
    Dee-Jay- includes rifle, backpack, and cord
    Backblast- missing bandolier, - $7
    Countdown- needs new string- $7
    Deep Six- Complete- $8
    Downtown- missing 4 mortars- $5
    Rock 'n Roll- complete $8
    Scoop- missing microphone- $7
    Stalker- missing paddle and handle- $7
    Alley Viper- complete, edge of visor cracked- $13
    Annihilator- missing propeller - $5
    Frag-Viper- missing grenades- $8
    Gnawgahyde- missing knife, machete, boar, bipod, and bow- $5
    HEAT Viper- missing 1 missile- $8
    Night Viper- missing monocular, rifle strap torn, 1 peg on head broken- $9
    TARGAT- Complete- $8
    Python Patrol
    Copperhead- complete- $13
    Python Officer- complete- $14
    Python Televiper- complete- $10
    Python Viper- missing backpack- $9
    Slaughters marauders
    Sgt. Slaughter- no staff- $8
    Night Creeper- missing curved sword and crossbow- $6
    Laser Viper- complete- $10
    Decimator- no accessories- $12
    Freefall= Complete- $11
    Ambush- missing helmet, ghilli suit, 1 lean to piece, rifle barrel broken- $5
    Salvo- missing 2 mines, missile launcher handle broken- $9
    Metal-Head- complete- $10
    SAW Viper- Missing ammo belt and bipod- $7
    Undertow- missing mask- $9
    Sky Patrol
    Airwave- missing parachute- $18
    Altitude-includes helmt, visor, and backpack- $16
    Drop Zone- Includes helmet, visor, and backpack- $16
    Incinerator- only missing catapult lever- $6
    Heavy Duty- complete, tip of sight snapped off- $7
    Tracker- no accessories- $3
    Interrogator- needs new o-ring and screw, cobra logo scratched off torso, includes replacement gun- $5
    Snow Serpent- missing missile- $8
    Eco Warriors
    Clean-Sweep- only missing pistol, $6
    Cess Pool- needs new o-ring, complete- $6
    Big Bear- only includes stand- $3
    Destro- complete- $8
    Destro- needs new o-ring, no accessories, paint wear on face- $1
    Bullet-Proof- includes helmet, stand, and cannon- $4
    Colonel Courage- missing machete- $7
    Dr. Mindbender- missing uzi- $7
    Mega Marines
    Blast-Off- missing knife and play-doh- $6
    Clutch- missing play-doh- $7
    Gung-Ho- missing MP-5, play-doh, and machete- $5
    Star Brigade
    Astro Viper- missing knife and helmet, launcher handle broken- $4
    Payload (green)- complete, visor missing 1 peg- $5
    Street Fighter 2
    Balrog- Missing rope and grappling hook missile, machine gun handle broken, -$5
    Chun Li- Complete- $7
    Dhalsim- complete- $7
    Guile- missing string, crushed nose- $5
    Ryu- complete- $7
    Vega- complete- $8
    Zangief- missing string- $6
    G.I. Joe (Joe Colton) Mail away exclusive- complete-$10
    Shadow Ninjas
    Bushido- Complete- $7
    Night Creeper- missing 1 knife and sickle- $5

    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Girl- $7
    Nemesis/ Holocaust BAF Left Arm-$7
    Spiderman Bank Robber (painted, plastic accessory) $1

    Marvel Universe:
    Human Torch: Flame on Variant: $15
    Thing: Original blue pants black boots: $19
    Hand Ninja $7, no knife
    Iron Fist (black dragon, fist) $7
    Iron Man (secret wars) $6
    Klaw (secret wars) $7
    Electro $7
    Stealth Iron Man $6
    Ronin $7
    Hobgoblin $8
    Green Goblin $8
    Bullseye $8
    Union Jack- $8
    Wolverine (1st figure, grey outfit) $8
    Ms. Marvel, classic short hair $9
    Bucky Cap $9
    Black costume Spiderman (secret wars) $8
    Capt. America:
    Winter Soldier- $7
    Capt. Britain- $8
    Dive Attack Spiderman $6
    Doctor Octopus $7
    Venom $8
    Iron Man 2:
    Iron Man in Vibranium Armor (Kmart exclusive) $18
    Omega Factor War Machine (Kmart exclusive) $9
    Iron Man Mark V $6
    Hypervelocity Iron Man $6
    Crimson Dynamo $7
    Iron Man bio-metal (Kmart exclusive) $7
    Iron Man Power Assault Armor $6
    X-Men Origins:
    Cyclops $10
    Maverick $8
    Wolverine (white tank top) $7
    Deadpool $12-
    Sabretooth (movie version) $8
    Strike Mission Wolverine $6

    Justice League Unlimited
    Justice League Unlimited 6 pack (Superman, Forager, Lashina, Darkseid, Mantis, Mr. Miracle)- $13
    Flash w/ articulated knees and elbows- $4
    Superman w/ Black costume and blue emblem (loose arms) $2
    Superman classic costume w/ articulated knees and elbows (paint scratch on hair) $1
    Superman classic costume (paint damage on hair and hands, loose cape) 25 cents
    Green Lantern John Stewart $2

    James Bond:
    Honey Ryder from Doctor No- $3
    Wai Lyn from Tomorrow Never dies- $3
    James Bond from Tomorrow Never Dies (Naval uniform) -$3

    Street Sharks Ravenous Ripster w/ some paint damage $4
    Nightmare Before Christmas Wolfman (no accessories) $5
    Stargate SG-1 Vala Mal Doran (no accessories, missing right hand) $1
    McFarlane Soul Calibur Spawn (chains are loose, comes w/ axe only) $3
    The Master/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer (no accessories, includes 2 stands) $2
    Set of 3 McFarlane Tortured Souls (some accessories, no clue who or what they are) $3
    Jack Sparrow (attacks when legs squeezed, no accessories) $2
    Rock'em Sock'em Darth Vader (no lightsaber) $1
    200x Battle armor He-man (no accessories, missing right hand, doesn't talk, scratches on gold armor) $1
    Mattel 6 inch Batman (line prior to DC Superheroes) w/ blue cloth cape and blueish gray cowl. Gray suit is greening and figure is broken at waist. Might be good custom fodder. 50 cents.
    Stargate Black Ops Daniel Jackson (no accessories) $3

    Resident Evil Nemesis parts:
    Massive Left Leg $19
    Back Tail Tentacle A $8
    Massive Tentacle $12
    Hunched over right leg $10


    Risk 2210- $25
    Lord of the Rings Risk- Two Towers Edition with a beat up box- missing ring-$30
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    Sent you a PM

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    Leonardp, Bjjer, and Mighty Puundragon: Responded to PMs!

    6/13- Saved, got your pm and payment. I'll be shipping tomorrow

    6/22- Bodine1231, got your PM!
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    Added so much new stuff, I thought a *bump* was warranted!
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    Dropped prices all around! Bumpity-bump!! I'm trying to cut down some of my collection, so help me out!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Responded to your PM, Brick top!

    Responded to you, j-manBP

    Responded to you, Bjjer
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    BUMP*** Cut prices on nearly every item!! Remember, for every $100 I sell I'll make a $5 donation to!
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    Pm sent!!!
    Good Traders: Lee-man, joeybones, kobra kahn's mist, mr. fantastico, bigassbuzz, troyklops, scotward, kevin

    Lousy Traders: REAPING
    Thank you for your patience and understanding friend. You will be reimbursed for both exclusive sets a value of the $70 paid in full. Your generosity will not go unrewarded..
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    I'll take the vintage Star Wars paploo
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    Quote Originally Posted by undeadplastic2711 View Post
    I'll take the vintage Star Wars paploo
    Undead, your inbox is full!

    Kid Canada, I responded to your PM!
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