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Thread: Vintage Coloring Book - colored by Ulisses31

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    Vintage Coloring Book - colored by Ulisses31

    Hello Orgers, I was a little absent from the forums with some work to do and because of the many changes around here.

    I have give it some time to see were this was going and now the storm is over I think, there was some kind of crazy extra activity but is all calm now I hope.

    So lets end this lurking period I was in! And also I had nothing new and MOTU related to show.
    Now Im back with some art I believe you all will like!
    Im doing it to improve my coloring skills, this exercise is to make me faster!!!

    I have 25 pages from an old 80s coloring book that Im coloring, the first one was the Faker vs He-Man, it took me 2h aprox to make.

    Then I made the Beastman vs Stratos and the Merman attack in about 1h30m each.

    My goal is to reach the 30min mark so Iwill try to do the same kind of coloring in all of them until I get to do it in 30min, when I get to do it if any pages left I will do them in a different style and try to reach the 30min mark again... I believe it is a good exercise uhm? Oh and Im doing one each day... Today it was Trap-Jaw this time I have made a screen capture video and my time was 56m42s.

    Hope you all like it... oh we dont have a like/appreciation button here... although vBulletin have that feature... ok just comment then. Thanks for your time.

    P.S. For the ones that are thinking... "something is wrong with the colors - blue Merman? Blue Stratos Wings? Yellow Trap-Jaw?"
    Yes I like variants and MINETERNIA RULES!!!
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