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Thread: Anyone want the majority of my sub this year?

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    Anyone want the majority of my sub this year?

    I'm only going to collect the actual vintage characters for the most part these days (maybe Glimmer and Angella), with maybe some variations of He-Man and Skeletor. As such, is there anyone that would like to just get the other characters directly from me on almost a monthly basis so you don't have to deal with MattyCollector? I know for sure those would include Fangman, Netossa, Octavia, the Fighting *** Men, and Karati. Since the figures are $25, I'm looking at some paying maybe $38 ($25 + partial shipping to me + shipping to you) for the normal figures. If so, PM me. I know it isn't every character like Ram-Man and some of the more popular ones like Jitsu and Snake-Face, but I figured I would lay the options out there now.
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Hey there, Doc, I'm interested. Could you PM me for details? Thanks in advance.

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